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Topics include plant-based innovation, street food and Christmas ranges.

1 March 2020
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Going regional: Digging deeper into Italian, Chinese and Middle Eastern

March 2020

Globalisation has had a huge effect on the way we eat. As consumers travel more, they have had greater exposure to foreign cuisines. Meanwhile at home, cooking shows demonstrate tantalising dishes from abroad for the adventurous home cook. This has led to greater attention on individual regions within some of the most familiar culinary traditions. 

In the latest Food Spark whitepaper, we’ve taken a look at some of the ways Britain’s most popular foreign cuisines are broadening out, explaining key dishes and highlighting some of the major proponents of this trend for regionalisation. 



Food Trends 2020: Food Spark’s ones to watch

Whitepaper Food Trends 2020 Hero Image

November 2019

Forecasting trends is a critical task for food professionals seeking to develop their menus and NPD. What are the new growth areas? How are existing trends evolving? Which are here to stay and which are now past their sell-by date? Food Spark is here to help. This white paper, our guide to the hottest food developments going forward, focuses on the evolution of macro trends:

  • Plant-based developments
  • Cuisines from the Asia Pacific region
  • Healthy eating and top nutritional concerns
  • + 3 big ideas in 'free-from', 'frozen' and 'fish'



Food innovation excellence: Christmas ranges 2019 – who are the shining stars?

Food Spark - Whitepaper Sept 2019 - Christmas ranges 2019

September 2019

With food indulgence, sharing and basket values higher than at any other time of year, Christmas is a major focal point for retailer innovation and NPD. The stakes could not be higher. Festive ranges can literally make or break the year for supermarkets. Food Spark has produced a round-up of the key UK launches and trends this year.

This white paper will brief you on:

  • highlights of the festive ranges how Christmas ingredients are being used
  • how retailers have responded to the vegan and gluten-free trends
  • which international flavours are coming through



Working with the guidelines: Reducing sugar, salt and calories

Food Spark - Whitepaper July 2019 - Reducing sugar, salt and fat

July 2019

Public Health England has challenged the out of home sector with guidelines to reduce calories, salt and sugar. And this is popular with consumers, 60% of whom say availability of a range of healthier options is important when they eat out or shop. Research even shows that they have a clear hierarchy when it comes to food and drinks' health credentials: low fat, followed by low sugar and low salt (*MCA Insight). So how can food businesses cut out the bad stuff?

Download this free white paper to:

  • Find out about the latest innovation in sugar reduction
  • Learn about ways to successfully reduce salt
  • Get inspiration from retailers and restauranteurs who are actively reducing calories and fat
  • Hear from key tastemakers on the ways they boost the healthy appeal of their dishes without compromising on taste



Street food as the inspiration for innovation

June 2019

Estimated at a total value of £1.2bn in 2018*, the UK street food market is maturing and becoming a significant influence in foodservice and retail. Exciting, vibrant and diverse, the rapidly evolving concepts are often a feeder for wider eating out trends and a bellwether for changing consumer tastes.

Download this free white paper to:

  • Find out which street food flavours and ingredients have proven customer appeal
  • Learn about the most successful concepts now converting to bricks-and-mortar
  • Hear from Jonathan Downey, co-founder of street food market Street Feast, the seasonal experiment which has become a flag bearer for London's gastronomic diversity



Plant-based innovation: Key ingredients for success

Food Spark - Whitepaper March 2019 - Plant-based innovation

March 2019

Consumer trends around reduced meat consumption, and the rise of veganism, are here to stay. As a result, plant-based items have been transforming foodservice menus and stealing share in supermarket chillers and shelves.

Download this free white paper to:

  • Learn about the 5 powerhouse ingredients of plant-based innovation
  • Discover who is using them, and their creative applications in both retail and foodservice
  • Hear from the experts, including Derek Sarno, Tesco’s Director of Plant-Based Innovation, and Food Spark’s nutritionist, Dr Laura Wyness


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