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Where is the wellness dish rawnola headed?

This raw version of granola might not take over breakfast but does point to a wider trend.

29 March 2019
image credit: Farmacy

The raw food trend peaked and fell away many moons ago, right?

Well, among the wellness sector, where many a health trend has emerged, rawnola is one dish that has been getting people excited.

So what’s rawnola? It’s the raw version of granola – so there’s no baking and usually the use of three or four simple ingredients. Some have even referred to rawnola as healthy cookie dough. It’s said to be healthier as it generally uses dates, rather than added sugars, and is also oil-free.

But it’s not just something that is kicking around on wellness blogs. It’s also on the menu at Notting Hill plant-based restaurant Farmacy, which likes to experiment with all manner of emerging trends, including CBD oil and adoptogens.

Farmacy’s rawnola is made with sprouted buckwheat, combined with seeds and nuts, and is served with fresh seasonal fruit and almond milk. Its gluten and dairy-free obviously.

“It’s already a breakfast classic here,” Farmacy founder Camilla Fayed told The Evening Standard. “Rawnola is a healthy vegan alternative to granola that only contains natural sugars. Granolas often have an incredibly high sugar content – however, our Rawnola offers the same sweet taste, from the dates, without the artificial additives.”

The US National Restaurant Association report into the next big things in food found that almost two-thirds of chefs said globally inspired breakfasts would be the leading food trend this year, along with morning meals being offered all day on menus.

While rawnola might not take over British breakfast bowls, there is a bigger trend underlying this dish – the move to take out sugars and replace them with a natural alternative.

So is Sparkie raring to try rawnola?


Sparkie says:

I haven’t seen much on raw food diets for quite a while. Aside from that, the other parts of it seem to hold up to current trends – replacing sugar with a sweet ingredient in particular seems to be quite prominent at the moment.

I think in the grand scheme it fits the Farmacy ethos perfectly, but in the wider world outside that, I’m not sure there’s much room left for overpriced granola.

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