What quirky foods are Brits eager to eat?

In an exclusive survey for Food Spark, Streetbees asked 1,150 Brits which items from our Fad or Future feature they would be happy to munch on.

2 October 2019
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image credit: Vive Le Tarte

  • A third would sample jellyfish crisps, compared to 60% who weren’t prepared to snack on the sea creature. Despite being created by scientists and its associated sustainability credentials, 96% thought jellyfish crisps were only a fad.
  • Not something that just exists in the lab, cheese tea has been tried by only 1% of people, while 31% said they would be open to slurping down the beverage. However, 86% of people didn’t think it would find a foothold in the UK.
  • Australian creation the Donug – a cross between a chicken nugget and doughnut – appealed to two-thirds of those surveyed, but 62%considered it a flash in the pan.
  • That doesn’t mean Brits aren’t behind food mash-ups. Two-thirds thought the tacro – a fusion of a taco and croissant – would stick around for the long haul. It was also the most popular option with 82% of those surveyed happy to eat it.
  • On the insect side of things, 86% would not sip on some cockroach milk, although there were still some brave souls (9%) prepared to try it.
  • Insect ice cream didn’t fare much better either:76% of people were unwillingly to consider it as a new dessert option. For 93% of people, cockroach milk was just a fad, while 86% felt the same about insect ice cream.
  • Lotus root crisps piqued interest with 66% of people, though only 2% had actually sampled the snack. It also had a more positive future with 52% of people convinced it could last.
  • A boost of veg with the morning beverage, broccoli coffee split the crowd. Around 44% were open to trying it and 48% were not interested. However, 74% considered this innovation a fad.

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