What new food creations appeal to consumers?

In an exclusive survey for Food Spark, Streetbees asked almost 1,000 Brits which items from our Fad or Future feature they would be happy to munch on.

31 October 2019
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  • Proving that new plant-based options are still piquing interest, 45% of Brits were prepared to try yuba, the bean curd skin that has been used as a vegetarian-friendly ‘chicken’ for centuries. However, people were sceptical that it could take off in the UK with two-thirds of those surveyed designating it a fad.
  • The crossushi, a croissant stuffed with smoked salmon, wasabi, pickled ginger and nori seaweed, was a fusion food that really didn’t appeal. 49% of people wouldn’t pick it up and 72% thought it was just a fad, despite it already being sold in an American bakery.
  • However, a new take on bao called baozza, which offers a combination of the steamed bun and pizza, was popular, with 76% of people keen to try it. The fusion food teetered on the edge in terms of its longevity, with 49% of people predicting it had a future.
  • Shaved ice noodles also intrigued 69% of those surveyed, yet 67% of people didn’t think they had staying power, perhaps owing to the temperamental British weather.
  • Another frozen sweet was more readily licked up, with three-quarters of Brits happy to eat stir-fried ice cream. Despite outlets already offering the dessert in the UK, 54% still rated it as a fad.
  • While they’ve been a game-changer Asia, salted egg yolk crisps didn’t rate as a snacking option for 45% of Brits, while 67% decided they were only a fad.
  • Described as the marmite of Japan, fermented soy beans really divided opinions. For 49% of people, trying them wasn’t on the table, yet 60% of people thought they had a future in the UK.

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