What impacts people's supermarket shopping experience?

With the British Retail Consortium revealing retailers have experienced their worst July since sales records began, Ubamarket surveyed 2,000 Brits about what puts them off in-store.

9 August 2019
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  • 7.6m consumers struggle to find items in-store.
  • Waiting times could deter 17.8m people from in-store shopping.
  • 73% of UK consumers have changed their mind and decided not to buy something having seen the size of a queue in a shop.
  • Almost half of shoppers avoid self-checkouts, believing them to be unnecessarily complicated and prone to malfunction.
  • 49% claim that half of their basket is made up of impulse purchases.
  • 59% of shoppers ignore advertising, stating that promotional activity on aisles has no effect on them.


"The recent BRC report shows that the future of bricks and mortar stores is uncertain, and our data shows that retailers could do more to encourage footfall into stores. One way retailers could revitalise the shopping experience is by incorporating retail tech,” said Will Broome of Ubamarket.

“However, if retailers are going to digitalise shopping then they should strive to personalise each customer’s shopping experience, for example by allowing shoppers to add their shopping lists to the apps, be guided around the store and get more information about the products that they're shopping.”

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"What impacts people's supermarket shopping experience?"
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