What foods are the most Instagrammed?

From pizza to bacon, the most popular eats filling up social media feeds have been revealed by Sous Vide Tools.

10 August 2018

  • The most hashtagged food is a classic Italian pizza with over 33m hashtags.
  • Second place is stolen by Japan as sushi clocks in with over 21m.
  • Chicken rounds out the top three with 19m references.
  • For the healthy eaters out there, salad has been hashtagged 16m times on the social media site.
  • Carbs have people posting about pasta 15m times.
  • Burgers bump their way into the top 10 with 11m hashtags.
  • How do you like your eggs? Well, there are almost 10m mentions of them on Instagram.
  • Since last year, burgers and eggs have overtaken bacon, which comes in at 9m hashtags, closely followed by steak.
  • Kimchi, sweet potato and tofu are new contenders and come in among the top 30 most Instagrammed foods.

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