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The week digested: Greggs vegan steak bake and Co-op’s expanded delivery service

Catch up on the food news from December 30-January 3, including all the Veganuary latest and the top food waste apps.

3 January 2020
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Greggs unleashes vegan steak bake

Pastry chain Greggs have launched a meat-free version of their popular steak bake, a year on from their critically acclaimed vegan sausage roll unveiling. The papers have already begun reviewing it: The Telegraph has described it as “far, far too salty” with filling “reminiscent of a thick, Bisto-like sauce that is pleasingly comforting at first, but ultimately a disappointment,” while Metro dubs it a “delightful treat” though lacking the meaty texture of steak chunks.

Co-op rings in New Year with several announcements

Co-op has expanded its first same-day delivery service (previously limited to London and Manchester) to 650 stores nationwide, serving 100 UK towns and cities. This expansion is tied up with its partnership with Deliveroo, which provides on-demand delivery of convenience grocery essentials in under 30 minutes. The retailer also announced a plant-based push of 35 products, citing statistics it has compiled that show growth in consumer interest in vegan items as well as other sustainable foodstuffs.


Veganuary launches in foodservice

The papers are full of Veganuary news, including Wagamama’s tuna alternative (made from dehydrated, seared watermelon) and Caffè Nero’s Veganero menu (including raspberry croissants, ‘meatball’ panini and porridge), alongside a whole host of other eats at Pret, Costa and Starbucks.


Veganuary launches in retail

Over in retail, Metro has rounded up all the vegan product launches at the major supermarkets, from vegan satay with soya pieces and rice noodles (Waitrose) to BBQ jackfruit parcels (Aldi), as well as Sainsbury’s new Plant Pioneers range.

Top food waste apps

The Financial Times highlights three organisations aiming to reduce food waste by connecting suppliers and restaurants with consumers. Olio, Too Good to Go and Karma all have different models for selling on leftovers at a discounted price and have received millions of pounds of investment in the past few years.


British lives at risk with US-aligned food standards system

Weeks before the proposed transatlantic trade negotiations are due to start, the UK’s largest farming union have warned that British lives will be shorter and the NHS put under new pressure if the two-tier system of regulations for food produced domestically and overseas from the US is adopted in this country.


Full fat milk equals skinny children

A new study has suggested that children given full fat milk are less likely to be overweight than children given either skimmed or semi-skimmed. Researchers found that children drinking whole milk were 40% less likely to be obese compared to those drinking lower fat versions, with none of the studies – which saw 21,000 children tested – proving that drinking lower-fat milks provided lower risks of obesity.

image credit: pong-photo9/iStock/Thinkstock

Health hacks

The Telegraph has launched a new series entitled 100 Health Hacks for 2020, written to help people looking to improve their wellness. The first article in the series looks an nutrition, discussing terms such as the ‘bliss point’ and the Satiety Index.


Dropping the calories, dropping the pounds

Speaking of health hacks, a study published in The Lancet medical journal has found that reducing just 300 calories a day could lead to significant, sustained weight loss, regardless of what you eat. However, the research was conducted by those who were at most slightly overweight, suggesting it may not have the same efficacy for the obese.


Leading French chef loses ‘Cheddargate’ court battle

Marc Veyrat has lost a high-profile court case against the Michelin Guide following the demotion of his restaurant, La Maison des Bois, from three Michelin stars to two. The chef had attempted to sue the French company for suggesting that he had used English cheese in one of his signature souffle dishes.

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