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Tacros: proof that there’s still mileage in croissant crossovers

Plus, unusual takes on the wrap are so hot right now.

6 February 2018
image credit: vivelatarte via Instagram

Cronuts and cruffins are so mainstream, and crossushi is so last year. Must be time for another take on the croissant…

Introducing tacros. The part-taco, part-croissant creation has been unveiled at San Francisco bakery Vive La Tarte. It involves slicing a croissant down the middle and stuffing it with one of three options: pulled pork and pineapple, chicken and avocado or barbecue jackfruit.

Each tacro is topped with sliced radishes and chopped pickled onions and comes with a green avocado salsa and a red salsa.

It’s been described as heaven for those who love a pastry hybrid or a taco with a twist on the tortilla. And since launching, the tacro has been selling out within two hours on weekends.

That’s a wrap… or is it?

The bakery’s creative director, Jimmy Houghton, explained it took some experimenting for the tacro to be born. Initially, the bakery just stuffed its regular croissant dough with the pulled pork and chicken – but the flavours didn’t combine too well. Not at all.

The pastry was too rich, too buttery and too sweet, so it was back to the drawing board, with a new recipe that was more savoury and salty.

Vive La Tarte has already been experimenting with unique croissant flavours on the sweet side, like blood orange and lemon meringue, for the last two years. Now, new tacro flavours are under development, including a bacon and egg breakfast option.

Houghton has also taken into account customer feedback about the croissant disintegrating too quickly, so is continuing to tweak the recipe.

Mexican mashups have been popping up for a while now. Last year, Taco Bell announced a taco made with a fried chicken shell. In a similar move, The York Roast Co. in Yorkshire was using Yorkshire puddings to encase beef, turkey, ham or pork with roast carrots, gravy and cranberry sauce. Waitrose dipped its toe into the water with a protein-packed chicken and chorizo wrap that substituted bread for an omelette. 

But is Sparkie taken by the tacro?


Sparkie says:

It seems like we have had a run of people looking for innovative ‘wraps.’ It wasn't long ago we had people using Yorkshire puddings and now this – maybe there is a minor trend appearing here; what else could be used as an unusual wrap?

Filled croissants are nothing new, so I feel that this may have more potential than the other Instagram food. Honestly, it doesn't sound bad as far as these things tend to go, but an interesting point would be how messy are these things to eat?

It seems to be successful for their creators, drawing in the typical Instagram-focused crowd, but most Instagram fads are doomed to insignificance as soon as the next one rolls around. Get it while it's hot!

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