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Supersize sushi with the burrito roll

Hand-held sushi rolls are finally making it into the capital’s grab-and-go offering thanks to new opening Inigo.

21 September 2017
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  • Inigo's takeaway burrito-style sushi roll is a first for London
  • Behind the project are Australian entrepreneur Jeremy Bliss and London hospitality site CODE's Charlie Hall
  • The concept is opening on Soho’s Great Windmill Street on October 11

What's the big idea?

Sushi hand rolls have been knocking about in Japan as long as sushi itself, because… well, it’s just a sushi that hasn’t been sliced into neat little ovals, meaning you can eat this wrap on the move, or at least without cutlery.

Generally available in either cone or cylindrical shapes (Inigo’s offering will be the latter), they’ve been a staple in Australia’s grab-and-go scene for decades, so perhaps it’s no surprise that it’s an Aussie who’s bringing the concept to the UK.

Why now?

The fact that they were missing in London has long been noted by visitors and settlers from Down Under, but it was only when a friend of co-founder Jeremy Bliss pointed it out last year that he started to develop the idea, using “top notch” ingredients and flavours.

Such as?

Try these fillings on for size: ponzu-marinated tuna with baby gem lettuce, spicy mayo and crushed wasabi peas; miso-cured salmon with avocado, macadamia nuts and pickled daikon; and miso broccoli with cucumber, pickled daikon and chives.

There’s also a rather intriguing mention of ‘blow-torched’ nori.

“Each roll has been carefully created to provide texture as well as interesting flavours,” says Bliss. How much are these can-sized handfuls going for? From £4 and up.


Sparkie says:

Sushi in general remains a solid platform due to the positive health characteristics and the trends towards consumer adventurousness and culinary curiosity. However, hand rolls (or temaki) are already doing well, and this is technically just a mash-up hybrid.

Saying that, every time that there is a more accessible food version, it does tend to do well. Think cronut, flagel, brookie and turducken. This is definitely Yo-Sushi territory, as they have already looked at the Yo-Burger, and for me, when a ‘Big Boy’ gets hold of it, the trend is instated!

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