Patisserie trends 2020

Cleaner recipes and a push for pink are among the predictions from French company, Brioche Pasquier.

25 November 2019

Christmas is approaching fast and, in true end-of-year style, industry food trends for 2020 are landing with as much regularity as you’d find with a daily advent calendar. We’ve digested everything from predicted delivery trends to key drivers for the future of snacking. And now it’s the turn of pastry with French company, Brioche Pasquier, forecasting its main areas for 2020 growth.

The family bakery, which has products in major UK supermarkets such as Tesco and Ocado, have drawn inspiration from recent food shows in Paris such as Le Salon de la Pâtisserie, which showcases the latest in pastry innovation and invention.

Berries and beetroot-infused colours, nutty toppings and another successful year for chocolate are among the predictions, with one French-loved sweet treat expected to cross the channel in 2020.

Clean and healthy(er)

As with most areas in the UK food industry, a move to ‘cleaner’ recipes with low ingredient indexes is ongoing for the pastry sector, with a push for less additives, less sugar and low glycaemic items expected next year.  

“We are certainly making advances in the area of cleaner recipes with fewer additives,” said Brioche Pasquier managing director Olivier Ripoche.

Old classics such as apple pies, lemon tarts and Paris-Brest (a choux pastry dessert with praline cream) are set to have modern makeovers in 2020, with less butter and sugar, with the likes of custard and mille-feuille also on the agenda.

Sweet nibbles

The UK is one of the biggest snacking nations in the world, with several concepts, from hand-held dairy to pub nibbles, looking at innovative ways to take slices of the blossoming market.

Brioche Pasquier see a growing opportunity for small sweet bites suitable for many occasions, with the idea of ‘café gourmand’ – a selection of small desserts and pastries often enjoyed with a coffee – predicted to jump the channel in the new year.

“Café gourmand is very popular in France and we see this trend growing in the UK in 2020, in line with a desire for a small sweet bite,” said Ripoche.

“The French like their sweet treats in the afternoon. In France, 50% of afternoon visits to a café or restaurant results in the purchase of a sweet product. In this country, it is only 20%, so there is plenty of room for growth.”

Café gourmand, which are also known as petits fours, also fit in the continuing trend for sharing and small plates.

Wink to pink, nuts for nuts

Brioche Pasquier predict that pink will become notably popular in pastry in 2020, with berries and beetroot to play a part in creating rose tints through natural dyeing.

Pink burst onto the scene in 2017 with the patented release of ruby chocolate by Belgian chocolatier Barry Callebaut. Classic chocolate is, however, set to remain at the core of dessert menus once again, said Brioche Pasquier.

In terms of toppings, nuts will be a favourite going into next year, with hazelnuts and pistachios predicted to top the bill. Macadamia and pecan nuts, however, are highlighted as two to keep an eye on.

Macadamias have recently been seen flirting with the dairy-free sector, with marketer Green & Gold Macadamia setting up and innovation programme to explore how it can take the nut beyond the realm of snacking.

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