One trend, three trailblazers

One Trend, Three Trailblazers

Food Spark has several regular features to help you get the most out of the service. This week, we’re highlighting One Trend, Three Trailblazers, where we take an on-trend ingredient and examine how three different chefs are using it to jazz up a dish.

11 June 2018

Food Spark always has an eye on which ingredients are gaining traction with consumers, whether its the rise of wheat meat seitan or the growth in pineapple sales. One of the ways we present this is through One Trend, Three Trailblazers, where a trio of professional cooks describe how they are using an up-and-coming ingredient.

Most recently, we looked at goat meat, which has appeared in Las Iguanas’ Dominican goat curry and Gourmet Goat’s Cypriot kofta meatballs.

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