If you needed proof that personalisation is popular, here it is

Health continues to drive this trend, a major study from Leatherhead Food Research has revealed.

8 February 2018
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  • Nearly a third of UK adults are interested in personalised ready meals or meal kits based on their weight, height, health goals and taste preferences.
  • UK consumers under 35 were eager to use technology to drive healthy dietary decisions. Over 50% are interested in apps or websites that suggest recipes based on factors such as height, weight, food likes and dislikes and health goals.
  • Over a quarter of consumers would like to access ready meals tailored to their DNA.
  • Free-from is also making its mark. The survey revealed 30% of Brits have excluded food types such as gluten, dairy or carbohydrates, believing they contribute to a health condition.
  • Unsurprisingly, women are more health conscious than men. Half of UK women have incorporated foods such as oily fish, nuts, seeds and dairy products into their diet to improve health, compared to 41% of men.


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"If you needed proof that personalisation is popular, here it is"
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