How is delivery impacting home cooking?

Consumers are finding it hard to resist the convenience of ordering in, new research from Ubamarket has shown.

22 August 2019
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  • 59% of Brits are not confident that they know all of the ingredients that is in the food that they order online or via an app. 
  • 10% of Brits consider home delivery services an integral way to eating a full meal in the week.
  • In fact, 17% of millennials will order a takeaway to ensure they eat a full meal in the week.
  • One in 10 Brits don’t know how to cook a healthy meal from scratch.
  • A quarter of Brits say making their own food is boring task.
  • 14% say they have no time for making their own food in the evening/during the week.
  • 8% say the majority of their main meals are microwave meals.
  • 7% eat more takeout food than home-cooked food.
  • 5% order takeout more than three times a week.
  • Almost a third of Brits believe delivery services are too easy and quick to resist.
  • Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat now deliver in under 16 minutes on average.
  • 30% find travelling to the supermarket to do a traditional weekly shop an inconvenience.

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