How do Brits feel about pub food?

While pub grub is loved, a survey from Streetbees finds the majority of people think the menus are predictable and boring.

6 September 2019
image credit: Getty Images

  • Three in four people say they love pub food.
  • Most people cite the atmosphere as the best thing about eating at a pub (40%), followed by price (26%)and food (17%).
  • 29% of people eat at the pub every few months, while almost a quarter go once a month.
  • 54% of respondents think pubs make some effort to cater to different dietary needs.
  • But more than two in three people think pub menus are predictable and repetitive.
  • 41% think that pub food is less healthy than standard restaurant food.
  • While 83% of people have bought food through a delivery app, only 12% have ordered from a pub. The most common place to order from was a fast-food chain at 73%.
  • Only a quarter of respondents think they’re likely to get food delivered from a pub. For those who say it’s not very or not at all likely, many say it’s because pub food is about the atmosphere, or because they don’t believe the food will maintain quality in delivery.

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