Food Spark's most read articles: January

From Veganuary retail launches to innovative food waste strategies, here are the most popular articles on Food Spark from last month.

3 February 2020
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With the start of any year comes the inevitable resolutions that see millions of people across the world set new personal targets for the coming 12 months. Living a healthier lifestyle is more often than not one of the most popular goals, whether that involves exercising more, quitting smoking or eating a balanced diet.

It is perhaps unsurprising, therefore, that articles focused on veganism, and Veganuary in particular, dominated the list of the most popular articles on Food Spark during January, with development teams across the country eager to stay ahead of the curve.

See below for which were the top-five most-read articles from the past month:

1. Interview with an innovator: Whitbread’s Grainne Allen

Kicking off Food Spark’s popular ‘Interview with an innovator’ feature in 2020 was Grainne Allen, head of food and beverage development at hospitality company Whitbread. In the interview Allen discusses Instagramable eats, healthy choices and embracing fads.

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2. The sugar and salt stats that threaten to ruin Veganuary

This was the first of two articles in the top five focused on Veganuary, but it was one which brought the mooted health benefits of new plant-based products into question. Indeed, a recent report from content agency JBH found many vegan options were extremely high in sugar and salt.

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3. Food Spark’s Veganuary roundup

Aldi's vegan sausage roll

As mentioned above, there were a plethora of new retail vegan products launched in January, with most major supermarket chains going live with their own-label releases. Food Spark rounded up some of the biggest launches and asked Sparkie to discuss some of the major trends.

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4. Innovative ways to tackle food waste

According to The Crown Estate, the UK foodservice sector wastes enough food to fill The Shard skyscraper in London more than 10 times every year. With this in mind, the Sustainable Restaurant Association assesses some of the methods certain restaurants are using to cut down on waste.

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5. What trends were on show at the Winter Fancy Food Show?

The annual Winter Fancy Food Show took place in San Francisco from 19th to 21st January. Featuring more than 80,000 specialty food and beverages, as well as 1,400 exhibitors, the conference showcased numerous innovations, ideas and brands that stood out, including vegan ice lollies and gluten-free snacks.

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