Food Spark’s most read articles: February

From fermentation to flavours from the Caucasus, here are the most popular articles on Food Spark from last month

3 March 2020
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Health and wellbeing looks set to remain one of the food industry’s hot topics throughout 2020 - and this was reflected in the most popular stories on Food Spark during February.

See below for which were the top-five most-read articles from the past month:

1. Pret’s Hannah Dolan: ‘You’d be surprised by how different a sandwich tastes when you play around with the order of the layers’

Pret A Manger continues to be one of the most intriguing companies in the eating out market. It has embraced the vegan trend more than most, particularly with its Veggie Pret openings and has big plans to expand its plant-based product portfolio over the coming months. In a recent interview with Food Spark, Pret’s Head of Global Innovation discussed the future of Veggie Pret and why the chain prides itself so much on the colour of its food.

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2. Fermentation innovation and the dangers of taking shortcuts

As mentioned above, health and wellbeing are right on trend and fermentation seems a no-brainer for NPD teams in 2020. But, according to Elena Deminska, founder of The London Fermentary in Bermondsey, fermentation isn’t something you can either simply just pick up or rush.

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3. KFC’s Jo Tivers: ‘I love pickled and fermented ingredients – they go so well with the Original Recipe’

Like Pret, KFC has also been making inroads into the meat-free market, and during Veganuary it reported substantial sales of its vegan burger. “We sold over a million of the burgers in January, which was calculated as being approximately three a second,” the company’s NPD team lead, Jo Tivers, told Food Spark last month. Tivers also spoke about her fascination with pickled and fermented ingredients, as well as the importance of texture.

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4. Could flavours from the Caucasus be the next big thing?

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The Caucasus region, nestled between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, continues to grow in popularity as a tourist destination. As a result, native spice blends such as khmeli suneli and blue fenugreek are beginning to become more and more popular.

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5. Translating trends in the delivery-only market

With the food delivery sector growing 18% year-on-year to £8.4bn in the UK last year, the market is primed for new entrants seeking to disrupt the status quo. The emergence of virtual restaurants with ghost (or dark) kitchens is one such trend to emerge, including the arrival of delivery-only brands like Taster.

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