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20 December 2019

Welcome to Food Spark’s 2020 food trend predictions home hub – your guide to getting ahead of the game for next year.

Covering restaurants and catering, retail, delivery and food-to-go, from ingredients to flavours, we round up and digest all the relevant 2020 reports from across the industry, highlight the important stats and facts to take into account in each sector, list our in-depth features on a range of different subjects and categories, and link expert opinion and high-profile interviews from leading industry figures.

With exclusive content from all corners of the food industry and hands-on analysis from our team of experts, our dedicated home hub aims to provide unique insight and focus for NPD teams and R&D specialists, with our 2020 white paper offering further industry essentials for the coming year.

1. Restaurants/Catering

Trend reports


What’s happening in fresh food?

A new foodservice forecast from Bidfresh features a rise in ‘seaganism,’ a boost for blue cheese and melon variants, and increased opportunities in skewered foods for next year.

What’s on the menu in 2020?

Leading restaurant industry figures give their 2020 menu forecasts, with a surge in seafood, Asian variety and botanical flavours among the predictions.

Three trends in foodservice 2020

The need for sustainability in delivery and a push for contemporary kids’ offerings feature in a new report from The NPD Group.

Kimpton’s restaurant food trends for 2020

Levantine influences, fermented foods and savoury desserts all feature on the 2020 Culinary & Cocktail Trends report.

Trends in-depth


Less but luxury the way forward for beef?

Cows’ carbon footprint and delivering quality rather than quantity among the talking points this winter.

Sea change in sustainable fish

The Sustainable Restaurant Association explains how restaurants are taking advantage of new farming techniques to create innovative and sustainable dishes.

Bringing food innovation into pubs

The owners of three pubs known for their food offering explain their menu strategies.

Stats and facts


11 stats on the consumption of Asian food

In collaboration with market insight company CGA, condiment maker Lee Kum Kee has produced a report on what Brits want from oriental food, with a particular focus on Chinese.

What cuisines are thriving in chain restaurants?

CGA and AlixPartners Market Growth Monitor Report has revealed how the British appetite is changing.

What are the main factors influencing where consumers eat?

Bookatable surveyed 2,000 people in the UK to see how important issues like sustainability, ethics and food waste are when dining out, as well as the types of food that are enticing.

Interviews with innovators 


Tonkotsu’s Ken Yamada

The founder of the growing Japanese chain on creating new vegan dishes, expansion plans and making the perfect ramen broth.

Vanilla Black’s Andrew Dargue

The chef behind one of Britain’s most famous meat-free eateries on crafting tasty veg-forward dishes and consulting for caterer Bartlett Mitchell.

PizzaExpress’ Jane Treasure

The food and beverage director talks about trends coming out of Italy, the pace required in innovation and why meat indulgence isn’t going anywhere.

Ynyshir’s Gareth Ward

The Michelin-starred chef talks about his process when coming up with new dishes and why he bought a fish tank to make his current favourite dish.

Elior UK’s Peter Joyner

The food development director talks about his unique role at the contract catering firm, his early years conducting the kitchen at the Royal Albert Hall and his predictions for major food trends in 2020.


Food Spark analysis

It’s no surprise that the majority of the menu prediction reports go for varying evolutions of the plant-based arena. Health and wellness is an industry-wide phenomenon and, in diners’ eyes, very much extends to wider environmental and ethical concerns.

We’ve seen a number of openings focused on food waste and sustainability of late, while concerns over animal welfare and global warming is having a gradual impact on the consumption of meat in restaurants, with the much-mooted move to ‘nose-to-tail’ philosophies to benefit both restaurant GP and consumer confidence, as well as allowing for greater experimentation and innovation in the kitchen.

Seafood and Asian cuisines are coming up fast together, with wider-reaching Japanese menus and ‘seacuterie’ options both common predictions among industry experts and the many reports.

2. Bakery

Trend reports


Future trends in bakery

Vegan variety and personalised bites among British Bakels’ research findings.

Patisserie trends 2020

Cleaner recipes and a push for pink are among the predictions from French company, Brioche Pasquier.

Trends in-depth


Rising trends: the NPD coming out of Fatherson Bakery's oven

Following the arrival of a new owner at the start of the year, the brand is getting a refresh and new goods.

How the bakery category can take advantage of nutritional trends

Permissible indulgence is currently the biggest buzzword in bakery, with the latest trends in health and nutrition providing plenty of opportunities for NPD.

Reducing sugar with extruded flour

Campden BRI's senior bakery scientist explains how a pre-processing technique can cut sugar in cakes by 20% without affecting functionality.

Stats and facts


12 stats on the bakery market

Prove It: The Great British Bakery Report 2019, published by Délifrance, reveals the growing attraction of healthy loaves.

Vegan growth and consistent innovation driving British bakery

A report from The NPD Group’s Bakery Tracker says the popularity of savoury and sweet bakery in Britain is helping to boost the entire foodservice sector.

Opportunities in the bakery market

Data from MCA shows the most popular baked goods among different age groups, while the NPD Group looks at how this segment is moving further into food-to-go.

Food Spark features


10 big ideas in... Home baking

A look at new formats, challenger ingredients and quality convenience in this much-loved category.

We’re talking about: Turkish bakery

Oklava Bakery and Wine aims to unlock Turkish potential in brunch and bread.

We’re talking about: the boom in bakeries

Consumers are finding comfort in carbs, particularly the craft variety.


Food Spark analysis

It’s a good time to be in bakery, with stats and figures only pointing to further success in 2020. Gluten-free has become commonplace on the high-street, permissible indulgence is driving footfall and there are plenty of plant-based strides being made with flour and proteins 

We expect the shunning of sugar and the exploration of smaller and thinner formats to continue next year. And its only a matter of time before butter innovation catches up with bread.

3. Retail

Trend reports


Waitrose’s food predictions for 2020

Plus, the retailer’s top sellers and most searched for items in 2019.

Whole Foods names top 10 trends for 2020

Take a look at some of the ways companies are already exploring the retailer’s predictions for next year.

Trends in-depth


Why chocolate was the big grocery winner of 2019

Bagged snacks boosts and a lack of innovation in yoghurt also highlighted in a joint 2019 grocery report from Nielsen and The Grocer.

Why gut health products need more scientific solutions

Dr Megan Rossi, who launched her debut gut health brand Bio&Me last month, believes that the relationship between food and science is not yet where it should be.

Why innovations are critical to the future of the dairy category

Yaar founder Andrei Garbuz talks about his award-winning hand-held quark concept and why the British consumer has fallen out of love with traditional snack options.

New avenues for healthy snack development?

Snack innovators, at home and abroad, are starting to go beyond the traditional realms of health and nutrition.

Stats and facts


10 stats on the state of the convenience market

Market researchers HIM and MCA are releasing their joint 120-page Convenience Market Report 2019 today, analysing where the sector should focus growth initiatives.

What do Brits want from retailers to help them eat healthier?

A survey of 2,000 people from Spoon Guru found consumers are concerned a poor diet could lead to health problems.

The key drivers in snacking

Mondelez’s State of Snacking report reveals that adults are using snacking to control portions, meet daily nutritional needs and boost mood.

Interviews with innovators 


PepsiCo’s Karen Scott

The lead of the European Future Brands team discusses testing out new trends, investing in analytical technology and shortening the prototyping process.

Iceland’s David Lennox

The supermarket’s new head of product development talks about nailing personalisation and experimenting with vegan sponges and puff pastry.


Food Spark analysis

From our conversations with those at the top of the retail hierarchy, its safe to say that Asian (specifically Japanese) will be driving plenty of NPD next year.

Naturally, vegan NPD will continue to fly out and we expect further advances in the kids’ food arena.

“As the current wave of foodie millennials begin to have children that reach an age where they can be taught about food, the children’s menu is going to have to evolve alongside it," says Sparkie, our man on the inside.

"We have already seen it with baby food having unusual world flavours to attract this age group of parents. This means that the days of the simple children’s meals might be coming to an end as the parents begin to push their ideals onto restaurants and retail.”

4. Delivery and food-to-go

Trend reports


Deliveroo's food delivery trends for 2020

Meat-free weekdays, the return of charred food and a resurgence for pasta are among the highlights.

Trends in-depth


Healthy takeaways for lower-income families

Creating an affordable online delivery service for low-calorie meals.

Stats and facts


What trends are driving the growth in delivery?

The NPD Group has crunched the numbers to reveal what is increasing the appeal of delivery, while predicting that drones will come into action in the next five years.

5 stats on the UK foodservice delivery market

Foodservice delivery is firing on all cylinders with rising participation, frequency and spend, according to MCA Insight’s exclusive 2019/20 report.

Key stats in food-to-go

Cost-conscious consumers and thriving meal deals highlighted in The Grocer’s food-to-go category report 2019.

10 facts on the future of food-to-go

Exclusive research from MCA Insight and HIM has revealed potential opportunities to capitalise on forecasted growth in the next three years.


Food Spark analysis

Pasta is quite an amazing trend to have come out of 2019. Gone are the days where the Italian staple was considered to be “empty carbs from the back of the cupboard”. Now, consumers are looking for natural, well-cooked and high quality delivered to their doors, three boxes the modern pasta restaurant can continue to tick in 2020.

While Japanese is expected to blow up next year across the industry, sushi’s demise in food-to-go was big news. Consumers want value for money in food-to-go and we expect an overhaul of the FTG sushi counter concept, especially considering meal deals are all the rage.

Ingredients, flavour and more


Flavour trends for 2020

Asian twists and plant-based snacks feature in Comax Flavors’ 2020 flavour trends collection.

Synergy Flavours' sports nutrition trends 2020

Baklava, carob and bergamot all feature in Synergy’s ‘Flavors of the Future’ 2020 report.

Fruit and vegetable suppliers’ 2020 predictions

Reynolds and Turnips share their thoughts on what will be making an impact in the next 12 months, from accidental veganism to fancy fungi.

Global trend spotters' 2020 predictions

We asked our food panel what dishes, cuisines and innovations are going mainstream where they are in the world.

Delivery evolution and blood-based diets among 2030 forecasts

Highlights from both the National Restaurant Association and Mintel reports, which look a decade into the future.


Food Spark analysis

Across the varying reports, mushroom variety stands out as a common theme. Species such as puff balls, chicken of the woods and chanterelle could lead the charge for future fungi in 2020.

Snacking is such a key area across the industry with 6/10 (59%) adults now preferring to eat many small meals throughout the day as opposed to a few large ones. To that end, we expect further snacking innovations combining health aspects, such as immune system aid, while an influx of new world flavours, including from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is expected next year.

“Unusual world flavours is a trend that has been slowly building throughout the year within restaurants and street food vendors, so now is likely the time to push this to the next level,” explains Sparkie.

“Over in the US there is continued prediction of a growing African food market which will eventually head this way too. This appears to be a very Instagram-led trend as consumer confidence grows and they are constantly seeking new experiences.”

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