Five stats on the future of the food-to-go market

UK food-to-go sector to continue outperforming the wider eating out market, according to latest MCA Insight and HIM report.

11 February 2020

  • The food to go market is growing at a rate of 2.7%, reaching a value of £21.7bn in 2020 and 154,342 outlets, with a 23.5% market share of total eating out sector.
  • Foodservice continues to outpace the grocery sector, increasing sales by 5.6% in 2019 compared to just 0.7% from grocery retail operators.
  • Top 10 leading brands in the market now account for 33.6% of food-to-go sales, helped by innovative NPD.
  • 39% of new products surveyed were vegan, with both grocery and foodservice operators increasing their ranges in 2020.
  • Consumers with a dietary requirement – including wheat-free and plant-based - spend 35% more on food-to-go than the average.


Blonnie Walsh, Head of Insight at MCA Insight & HIM, said: “There is a significant £1.8bn prize forecast for the food to go market over the next three years. Increased use of technology to improve ordering speed and ease, greater demand for product customisation to suit specific needs and the continued impact of health and dietary requirements are all playing a part.”

For more information and to find out how you can access the MCA & HIM UK Food To Go Market Report 2020, please get in touch with MCA through their website.

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