Deliveroo's food delivery trends for 2020

Meat-free weekdays, the return of charred food and a resurgence for pasta are among the highlights.

18 November 2019
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We’re currently slap-bang in the middle of trend predictions season, with everyone from Waitrose to Turnips weighing in with their own forecasts for 2020.

Deliveroo is the latest to break out the crystal ball, announcing 10 predictions ranging from an increase in foods cooked on open fires to a rise in fresh pasta.

The UK foodservice delivery market, which could be worth £6.3bn by 2021 (NPD Group), continues to enjoy a sustained purple patch, with delivery spend increasing by £1.35bn in 2018 compared to 2015. Deliveroo have based their trends on what’s been growing in terms of sales, with meat-free munches top of the prediction pile.

Nibbly vegans

Vegan orders on Deliveroo have increased by an incredible 330% over the past two years, with the number of sellers catering to vegans on the platform growing by 168% in the past 12 months alone. The company not only expect this delivery trend to continue, but also to evolve, as part-time vegans continue to make an impact.

Deliveroo data shows that a large group of customers are dabbling with a part-time vegan diet, with around half of their food consumption being meat and the other half plant-based.

Snack attack

Snacking is also on the rise, with Deliveroo order data showing that three meals a-day is fast becoming a six-meal situation for many, with mid-sized portions and small bites ordered throughout.

This is affected by season as well as day of the week. In the winter months, for example, snack orders on the platform increase by 74%, while Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most popular for snacking.

On fire

Deliveroo have noticed a trend in ‘char’ of late, with a rise in the number of orders for dishes cooked on fire. This, they say, is being driven by an increase in the use of open fires in kitchens and cuisines, including European, Middle Eastern and North African.

Pasta party, street eats and more

Fresh pasta searches on Deliveroo increased 68% in the last three months, while the street food movement – specifically Thai, Indian and Greek renditions – continues to grip the nation, with a collective 45% rise in orders over the last six months.

Instagramable dishes, low or no alcohol, theatrical food and sustainability in its multifarious forms are also predicted to continue to play a big role in consumer consumption habits in 2020.


Lettuce celebrate

Customers are three times more likely to order a salad this month than they were the same time last year. As part of its ‘new salad’ trend, Deliveroo have named five things that they expect to be particularly popular when it comes to the category:

  • Ferments – such as lacto-fermented sauces and miso – to add depth of flavour
  • Unusual grains, such as teff and freekehm to replace the ubiquitous quinoa
  • Unusual nut butters in dressings and dips, like sunflower seed
  • Underused produce like swede (shaved raw) and seaweeds such as dulse
  • Dehydrated vegetables that add texture

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