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Coffee break: Caffè Nero launches espresso-infused menu with coffee-cured bacon

The chain wants to put its coffee craft into its food, but how does Sparkie think playing with a British staple will be received? 

15 April 2019

Consumers looking to get their coffee hit in a different way can now ditch the drinks for a more textured caffeine boost.

Caffè Nero are launching coffee-cured bacon, which will feature on a new espresso-infused menu that is available all day.

The chain claims it is the first nationwide retailer to combine premium Italian espresso coffee with crispy British bacon. The result is a menu with a number of different variations on the bacon sandwich, plus the classic bacon and egg combo.

The bacon is cured for over 20 hours for a full-bodied taste, balanced with sweet notes of chocolate and nut.

From brew to bite

As a signature ingredient, the bacon is included in a ciabatta bacon roll, BLT sandwich, brie and bacon panini, and bacon and chutney flatbread. For those looking for eggs with their bacon, there is a bacon, sausage and egg ciabatta roll, and a bacon, sausage and scrambled egg breakfast pot. The products are priced between £3.25 and £4.40.

“We’ve introduced some delicious new options to the menu, with the aim of putting our coffee craft into our food, to give it a premium appeal. When it comes to enhancing a classic like the bacon sandwich, we knew the only match would have to be our signature blend,” said Hannah McKay, UK Head of Food at Caffè Nero.

“Rather than overpowering the great taste of bacon, our cold-brew infusion marries perfectly with every mouthful, starting with notes of soft caramel and finishing with the distinctive smoky flavour of warm coffee beans. It’s bacon, but not as you know it and we’re confident that when customers take their first bite, they’ll be back for more.”

Coffee flavours in dessert are a more familiar combo and Caffè Nero has also targeted sweet items, including a soft centre dark chocolate brownie and cappuccino cake with fluffy sponge and sweet coffee frosting.

The coffee-infused food menu is just the start, said the brand, with further innovations to follow this year.

So is Sparkie ready to leave his latte behind?


Sparkie says:

The coffee-based desserts I can get behind. Coffee is an extremely complex flavour so it tends to pair quite well with a lot of things.

The bacon though, I’d be nervous to try it. It’s a strong flavour and that is not one I can picture working well with bacon. Aside from that, people tend to be quite particular about how they have their bacon too. It might get a wave of sales due to weirdness, but it’s definitely not going to replace the staple anytime soon. I hope they offer both or their sales are going to suffer!

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