Bubblewrap waffle: from sensational sweet to savoury treat

This Asian dessert is undergoing a tasty, Instagrammable transformation.

15 January 2018

Unless you were living in a cave last year, you probably noticed that social media was saturated with Bubblewrap. No, not the kind you use to protect precious goods, but the sweet treat that had people queueing up in London’s Chinatown.

But what exactly are these strange-looking cones? And how are they evolving in 2018?

Egged on

Egg waffles first appeared in Hong Kong back in the 1950s. People didn’t want to waste broken eggs that could not be sold to customers, so instead they blended them with milk and flour in an iron pan to make a waffle.

Since then, egg waffles have become a popular street snack in Asia. They were later brought to London by an outfit called Bubblewrap Waffle – with a modern update.

The waffles are now stuffed with various flavours of gelato, topped with Oreo cookies, bananas peanuts or pecans, and finished off with sweet sauces. It gives a first bite that is crispy; then the softness of the bubbles melt in the mouth, unleashing a sizeable sugar rush.

But with the hype slowing down and healthy eating crashing the party, the bubble wrap has had a savoury makeover, including a colour update.

From sweet to savoury

The new product, launched this month, is called the Winter Flame, containing organic charcoal from G Baldwin & Co that has been added to turn it black.

While the batter is being cooked, cheese is added into the mix, which melts into bubbles and creates some crispy edges. It’s also topped with molten cheese sauce and a dusting of paprika, with an optional avocado add-on. Totally healthy, right?

But is this a way to take a product that has novelty factor and extend its appeal? Is savoury the way to go once sweet has been stretched to its limits? What say you, Sparkie?


Sparkie says:

The bubble wraps will get interesting when someone has the notion to treat them like the Japanese takoyaki balls and fill the bubbles with something nice.

Previous incarnations making the switch from sweet to savoury have all had a similar fate. This one sounds like they just pulled a bunch of random Instagram fads and threw it into one. The approach might draw that crowd, but it’s not going to keep them any longer than normal. 

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