British attitudes to canned food

In an exclusive for Food Spark, Streetbees surveyed almost 1,000 people about how they use canned goods, as chefs and companies espouse the benefits of turning to the tin.

23 August 2019
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  • Two in five people think canned food tastes worse than fresh food.
  • People also believe canned food is less healthy (49%) or the same as fresh food (49%). Only 1% think it’s healthier.
  • One in four people think canned food is poorer quality than fresh food.
  • Over half of people believe the primary benefit of canned food is that it lasts longer than fresh food, while a quarter think it’s easier and fresher to prepare.
  • The most commonly purchased canned foods are tomatoes (81%), beans and pulses (80%), and soup (72%). Rounding out the top five are fish (41%) and fruit (39%).
  • 44% cook with canned/tinned food a few times a month, while 40% use them a few times a week.
  • 40% would not be willing to pay more for canned food even if it provided the same quality as fresh food.
  • 19% of people consider it very important to know where the ingredients of canned food comes from, whereas 26% find it very important for fresh food.
  • Only 6% of people have canned their own food.
  • 90% agree that too much food is wasted because it goes off too quickly.

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