9 insights on vegan junk food

A Streetbees survey looked at what turns consumers off when it comes to plant-based fast food.

22 March 2019
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Sparkie says:

  • Overall, the survey of 845 consumers found that the top five favourite junk foods were pizza (40%), chocolate (36%), burgers (25%), bacon (22%), and fish and chips (22%). Rounding out the top 10 were fried chicken, ice cream, pancakes, pulled pork and doughnuts.
  • The main reasons people cited for selecting these foods were that they taste good (64%), as a treat (42%) and because of cravings (31%).
  • When it came to meat, 40% of respondents said the majority of their meals contained meat or dairy, while a quarter said they ate a mix of meat-free, plant-based dishes and meat. For a fifth of people, meat was always part of a meal.
  • Health factors were the main reasons people were put off eating vegan junk food. Respondents said that the high sugar (37%), fat (34%), calorie (30%), salt (30%) and cholesterol (24%) contents were a turn off.
  • 39% of people thought that plant-based junk food was as a bad as any other junk food.
  • The most popular vegan junk food people would consider eating were plant-based burgers (37%), pizza (29%), ‘chicken’ nuggets (26%), sausage rolls (25%) and chocolate (23%).
  • A fifth of people were also interested in non-dairy milkshakes, vegan cheese, doughnuts and pulled jackfruit.
  • One in eight surveyed said that the reason they chose their diet was purely to save money, but those people were much more interested in plant-based junk food than the norm: 53%of this group were interested in plant-based burgers compared to 37% overall.
  • Rather than using vegan meals as a substitute for meat dishes, 54% of people would eat this in addition to what was normally in their diet.

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