9 facts on red meat consumption

In an exclusive survey for Food Spark, Streetbees asked over 1,000 UK consumers about their perception of red meat, their intake and how it might have changed over the last five years. 

15 January 2020
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  • Of the consumers surveyed, 76% said that they do not have a specific diet, 7% said they were vegetarian, 5% vegan and 4% pescatarian.
  • Only 2% said that they described their diets as being gluten-free.
  • 22% of consumers said that they were definitely ethically minded when it comes to food, with 45% saying that they considered the consumption of meat and other animal products to be an ethical issue.
  • Compared to a year ago, 38% said that they eat/buy red meat less, with 6% saying they eat/buy it more. 55% said they eat/buy red meat the same amount as before.
  • When consumers are out of home, 41% say that they are more likely to eat meat compared to the 25% that say that they aren’t. 34% say that it makes no difference.
  • 52% of consumers rarely go a day without some form of meat.
  • Only 18% of consumers worry about the amount of red meat they consume.
  • Animal welfare (56%) was the most common consumer concern regarding red meat consumption, followed by environmental impact (45%), provenance (41%) and health (38%).
  • Only 27% said they were concerned about fat content when eating red meat.


* Streetbees is a global intelligence platform that reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from over 1 million users worldwide.

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