9 facts on breakfast and brunch choices

A survey of 800 Brits by Streetbees found more people are indulging in brunch, but opinions are split on bottomless options.

16 July 2019
image credit: Getty Images

  • When people are grabbing food during the week, they are most likely to pick porridge/cereal/muesli (59%), bread/toast/roll (57%) and fruit (51%).
  • On the weekend, the top breakfast category is still bread/toast/roll (60%), but they also add eggs (50%) and bacon/sausages (48%).
  • 49% of people are eating more brunch than a year ago.
  • It’s younger Brits leading the brunch crowd – 57% of 18-25-year-olds are eating brunch more than a year ago compared to 36% of 46+ year-olds.
  • Brits are willing to spend more on brunch foods to eat at home on the weekend. 41% would pay £3-5 on the weekend, whereas 68% will only pay up to £3 during the week.
  • Almost half of respondents never drink breakfast drinks and a further 30% rarely do.
  • Opinions are split when it comes to bottomless brunches. 52% of respondents don’t think they should be banned, but 49% believe that they promote binge drinking.
  • 82% of people who strongly agree that bottomless brunches promote binge drinking think they should be banned.
  • Brits aged 46+ are most likely to think that bottomless brunches should be banned (34%), compared to other age groups (16-19%).

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