9 facts on European attitudes to healthy eating

Pharmaceutical company Stada has released its fifth Group Health Report, extending its survey outside of Germany for the first time.

6 June 2019

  • The majority of the 18,000 Europeans surveyed last year claimed that following a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, sufficient exercise) was a priority. To that end, 54% said they ate healthily generally.
  • 43% of Brits prepared fresh meals almost every day – lower than the continental average of 59%.
  • Overall, one in 10 cooked less than three times a week, compared to 16% of Brits.
  • Across the nine countries included (Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Russia, Serbia and Belarus), an average of 1% of consumers identified as vegan. A further 4% were vegetarian.
  • Veganism is still a questionable diet among consumers. Though 38% of respondents respected the vegan lifestyle or were vegan themselves, 19% considered it “bonkers” and 10% dubbed it “a temporary hype.” (Interestingly, 72% of Germans interviewed were resolutely opposed to veganism – despite the fact that until last year, the country had the most vegan NPD in the world.)
  • For 28% of Europeans, vitamins and nutritional supplements were a part of their daily routine, with 64% claiming to know what probiotics were.
  • 30% of Brits relied on home remedies for illness such as tea, chicken broth and rusk, compared to the 27% European average, suggesting that there’s still a place for traditional wellness foods.
  • Four out of 10 people questioned were open to health apps and gadgets, but 20% fear misuse of data.
  • Burnout affected 50% of people in the UK, slightly lower than the continental average, with symptoms including insomnia – something ice cream makers have been trying to combat.

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