8 attributes consumers want from their chocolate

A survey from bakery ingredients supplier Dawn Foods reveals potential combinations for new products.

5 February 2019
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  • Nuts led the race for the most popular chocolate ingredient, with 26% of people saying it was a favourite addition to their sweet treat. This reflects a trend where consumers are looking for different textures like crunchy and chunky.
  • Fruit flavours were a popular addition, as these minimise feelings of guilt and are perceived as healthier. However, taste was also a reason consumers wanted to see more fig, raspberry and tropical fruit.
  • Other chocolate flavour combinations suggested included matcha, marshmallow, mint and red wine. 
  • Milk chocolate was the favourite variant of 45% of those surveyed, followed by a combination of milk, dark and white at 30%, dark at 17%, while white chocolate landed in last place.
  • When purchasing chocolate, quality was ranked the highest influencing factor at 33%, while flavour combinations followed at 22%.
  • Price was the third most important factor at 17%, while aspects like branding versus own label, promotions and pack size were only important to 7% of people. Cocoa percentage and health benefits were the least important factors at just 3% each.
  • When it comes to bakery chocolate products, 54% of people bought them from supermarkets as branded products, while 11% headed to cafes.
  • For 30% of people who preferred chocolate bakery products to chocolate itself, this was due to the variety on offer and indulgence factor.


“The combinations of chocolate with fruit, nuts, peanut butter and marshmallow are established, tried and tested flavour combinations that are popular in sweet bakery products,” said Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager for UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods.

“Many of the new flavours and inclusion suggestions in our survey are certainly interesting, and although some like matcha can already be seen on the high street, many of the others are definitely worth further consideration.”

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