14 facts on British attitudes to the free-from market

As the UK Government announces tighter labelling laws for ingredients in foodservice, global intelligence platform Streetbees asks 800 people about the foods they are avoiding.

26 June 2019
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  • Overall, the most common foods people are avoiding are sugar (26%), dairy (19%), gluten (12%) and lactose (11%).
  • Only 9% of respondents have a diagnosed allergy, with 49% avoiding allergens or ingredients for general health reasons.
  • 34% say their local supermarket makes a lot of effort to cater for special dietary needs, while 54% think only a little effort is being put in.
  • Only 16% say there is an extensive choice of free-from products at the local supermarket, but 46% describe the range as good.
  • Just under a third believe that free-from products are generally healthier.
  • 68% do not see a difference between branded and supermarket own-brand free-from products.
  • Over a third of people say free-from products don’t taste as good as regular products.
  • Almost half of respondents are convinced people are too sensitive about their diets.

Why are people cutting down?

  • Lactose: 58% of lactose avoiders claim to have an intolerance and 39% exclude it from their diet for general health reasons.
  • Dairy: 50% because of a lifestyle choice and 42% for general health.
  • Gluten: 46% for general health, while 45% think they have an intolerance.
  • Wheat: again,46% for general health and 42% believe they have an intolerance.
  • Nuts: 40% for general health, while 31% choose to avoid them for lifestyle reasons.
  • Following the FODMAP diet: 54% think they have an intolerance and 43% want to for general health

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