13 facts on the cuisines Brits are eating

In an exclusive survey for Food Spark, Streetbees reveals what people want to munch when they dine out.

22 November 2018

Chinese food was the most common cuisine eaten out of home in the last six months in the UK. Of the 752 people surveyed, 54% had dined on Chinese, followed by British (53%) and Italian (37%).

Indian food is fading in popularity among younger diners – the cuisine was one of the top three cuisines consumed in the last six months only for those aged 35+.

American food featured in the top three for under-25s and Italian tempted those aged 25-35, alongside Chinese and British eats.

Caribbean food is the top cuisine people would choose if money and location were no issue. It was picked by 28% of people, followed by Japanese (20%) and Brazilian (20%).

Street food is the most popular food trend among Brits at the moment, with 58% of UK diners eating street-inspired dishes in the last six months.

Locally sourced food (47%) and plant-based meat-alternative dishes (41%) completed the top three popular food trends tried.

39% of people had eaten homemade sauces/condiments in the last six months, while a third had indulged in vegan junkfood.

72% said they eat out no more than two to three times a month.

But the older you get, the less frequently you dine out. 67% of under-25s eat out less than two to three times a month, increasing to 70% of 25-35 and 82% of 35+.

The top three things Brits are looking for when eating out are: good value for money (61%), a quality meal with great ingredients (57%), and a friendly, hassle-free experience (50%).

54% say they love eating out at new restaurants and trying new dishes.

Almost a third like trying different restaurants but prefer to stick to dishes they know.

60% say they would travel great distances to eat at a restaurant they’re interested in.

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