12 stats on the bakery market

Prove It: The Great British Bakery Report 2019, published by Délifrance, reveals the growing attraction of healthy loaves.

5 November 2019
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  • Of the consumers who said they had altered their buying habits in the past year, 60% purchased wholemeal/wholegrain loaves, while 50% bought seeded.
  • Digging a bit deeper into those figures, 66% of those age 18-24 said they were buying more wholemeal/wholegrain bread, compared to 51% of the 35-44 group, 50% of the 45-54 group and 64% of the 55+ group. Millennials (25-34), on the other hand, were more interested in sourdough (55%).
  • Overall, 18- to 24-years-olds were deemed the most health conscious, though the slightly older 25-34 range were more tempted by gluten-free.
  • Breads that included fruit and vegetable in some way dominated 25% of online conversations about bread.
  • 43% of consumers said they wanted more fibre in their bread, while 32% wanted their loaves to become a better source of vitamin D.
  • Comparing the sexes, 22% of men claimed to be eating more bread than previously, a stark contrast to the 40% of women who said they were eating less.
  • However, significant numbers of female responders said they would be tempted to increase their intake if there were healthier options (40%), more flavours (21%) or greater usage of alternative flours (21%).
  • The impact of health on purchasing decisions extended beyond bread to croissants: healthier croissants and patisserie items would encourage 42% and 43% of consumers respectively to buy more.
  • However, this was somewhat counteracted by the fact that 59% said that chocolate was their favourite flavour for patisserie products. Choice was a major factor with 28%.
  • Overall, the top three considerations shoppers had when buying pastry was taste/flavour (70%), freshness (56%) and price (40%).
  • Savoury pastries were consumed once a week by 43% of people – mostly at lunchtime (50%). A greater selection of vegan options would influence 17% of consumers to buy more.
  • Londoners were the most health-conscious segment of the population – and also one of the most fond of a pastry, with 43% consuming more now than they did before. Around two-thirds would purchase more if the products were marketed as healthier, while one-third would be similarly influenced by a gluten-free claim.


“As the wellness trend continues, the category is being challenged to develop nutritionally balanced recipes with healthy inclusions and reduced salt across the board,” said Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director UK, northern Europe and North America at Délifrance. “We’re seeing the market being driven forward by a continued consumer interest in fresh, traditional, handcrafted breads that offer premium, authentic experiences, as well as nutritious inclusions. And with sustainability and food waste at the forefront of the consumer mindset, smaller loaves are a popular choice, especially for ‘top up’ shoppers.”

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