12 facts on consumer attitudes to eating and buying game

In an exclusive survey for Food Spark, Streetbees asked Brits about the type of game meat they were prepared to eat and what would make them try it.

26 June 2018

  • For those who don’t eat game regularly, duck is the ‘gateway drug,’ with over eight in ten people happy to try it.
  • Consumers were also open to tasting venison (72%) and goose (59%), while boar, pheasant and rabbit rounded out the top six with 57%.
  • The least popular game meats were woodcock, pigeon, grouse and partridge, but over a third of those surveyed were still open to eating them.
  • However, while rabbit and pigeon are popular with those who eat game a lot, they don’t appeal to those who don’t eat it regularly – deer and boar were the preferred choices.
  • Nearly half of the people surveyed had bought or eaten game once or twice.
  • The most popular place to eat game was at restaurants with 71% ordering a dish off the menu.
  • In the future, 48% of people would eat game, while 25% said it depended on the type of animal, with the majority of people interested in trying it at a restaurant or at home.
  • Over half of people had bought game from the butcher, while 37% had purchased the meat from the supermarket.
  • If game was sold for the same price as conventional meat, 55% of people would buy it more regularly.
  • Nearly two-thirds of people were happy to cook game at home, while a third would only eat it if someone else prepared it.
  • More than 50% of people would not butcher and prepare game themselves if it arrived whole.
  • When it came to game’s benefits, more than one in two people were unsure on whether it is healthy or not.


* Streetbees is a global intelligence platform that reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from over 1 million users worldwide. The game meat survey had 400 respondents from around the UK.

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