11 tech solutions millennials want in restaurants

New YouGov research commissioned by the hospitality technology platform Flyt reveals desire for smartphone solutions and personalised menus.

6 November 2018

  • Two-fifths of millennials want to be able to book a table via an app or social media.
  • A third desire more accurate wait times for a table delivered to their smartphones.
  • Over a quarter want to be able to order food on a tablet provided by the restaurant – or on their own device.
  • 24% would like to see technology introduced at their favourite restaurants that guarantees that their order isn’t wrong. They would also like to see an order confirmation on their smartphones.
  • 22% of millennials would jump at tech that enables direct tipping to a waiter’s bank account.
  • More than a fifth want to see personalised menus based on their dietary requirements.
  • 18% crave tech that gives them the same amount of ingredient information from delivery companies as you would get at a restaurant.
  • Being able to leave detailed feedback easily online after visiting a restaurant was desirable for 17% of people.
  • Around one in seven would like tech that helps you find out the source of ingredients in a dish.
  • 11% want tech to streamline operations so they can eat out quicker.
  • The average amount of time this age group is willing to wait between requesting the bill and paying is nine minutes and eight seconds.


Tom Weaver, CEO of Flyt, said: “These top dream tech solutions put forward by millennials underline the rapid digital transformation of our society. Restaurants can no longer look at technology as optional – integrating it in the right way is now critical to attract diners. However, I’m quite surprised that millennials’ most desired dream tech solution is the ability to book a table via a social media platform. This tech is already widely available in many restaurants – but perhaps they aren’t publicising it well enough.”

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