10 stats on UK sourdough bread consumption

A new survey released by bakery supplier Puratos reveals “huge growth potential” for sourdough in the UK. 

28 January 2020
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  • Nearly half (47%) of the UK population buy sourdough and these consumers are also more likely to look at food labels, have a food allergy and follow a specific diet.
  • Sourdough sales are led by supermarkets, with 82% of consumers buying their breads there.
  • 27% of consumers buy their sourdough from an artisan/high street baker, while 16% buy theirs from local convenience stores.
  • Meanwhile, 22% of UK consumers say that they bake bread themselves, with 62% using sourdough to do so.
  • Taste (55%) is the main driver for UK consumers when buying sourdough bread, followed by perceptions that sourdough is more natural than other breads (32%), thinking it’s healthier than other breads (28%) and believing that it stays fresh for longer (25%).
  • Of those UK consumers surveyed, 64% consider sourdough to be an artisanal product and 60% believe it to be a premium product.
  • Of those who don’t buy sourdough, 42% said that they didn’t because they aren’t familiar with it, 30% said that they always buy the same type of bread, 26% believe it to be more expensive than other breads and 11% cited lack of availability.
  • 20% of consumers said that they don’t like the “acid” taste in sourdough.
  • In terms of recognising sourdough, UK consumers are less clear when compared top other high consumption countries, with 68% of those surveyed knowing it is a way to make bread, 60% knowing it as an ingredient in bread, 54% knowing it as a fermentation agent and 47% knowing that it replaces yeast.
  • 12% of UK consumers say they have never heard of sourdough.


Of the potential of sourdough in the UK, Lee Burnside, sales director at Puratos UK, said: “In addition to exploring sourdough consumption habits both in the UK across Europe, this is a very positive piece of market research in terms of showing the growth potential for sourdough in the UK.

“More investment should be made in communicating the benefits of sourdough in order to boost sales”

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