10 figures on British attitudes to CBD-based products

As Ben & Jerry’s announced plans for a CBD-based ice cream, global intelligence platform Streetbees digs into which products people in the UK would be willing to try.

3 June 2019
image credit: Getty Images

  • 45% of those surveyed in the UK have a good idea about what CBD actually is, while 12% don’t know anything at all.
  • Two in three Brits would be willing to try products containing CBD oil.
  • Sweets goods such as cookies and cakes containing CBD were the most popular products – 46% of people would try them – but 38% were also interested in cooking oils and ingredients, as well as CBD-based drinks.
  • Over half of Brits (57%) say they are concerned about potential unknown side effects of CBD oil.
  • However, 21% of Brits don’t think there are any disadvantages to these products.
  • Older people are more likely to believe that CBD products have health benefits. Almost 78% of over 45s said they thought CBD products would be helpful with medical issues. 
  • Whether people have dabbled with cannabis previously has a substantial impact on their interest in CBD oil products. Of people who have smoked the substance, 64% would be interested in trying the products, against just half of those who have never smoked the plant.
  • Around 38% of Brits would be willing to try CBD oil products if their friends did.
  • Of people who weren’t interested in trying CBD products at all, the main reason they gave was that they were against the use of drugs in general, with 61% of this group concerned that it would lead to being addicted to cannabis.
  • Three quarters of this group also believe that potential unknown side effects are a major disadvantage of CBD products, with only 2% believing there would be no disadvantages at all.


“Our study shows that there is widespread interest in the UK in the new wave of legal CBD oil products being brought to market,” said Oli May, co-founder at Streetbees. “While consumers are optimistic about the potential benefits that these products may have, they are also clearly concerned that the substance hasn’t been thoroughly tested. Producers will need to allay these fears if CBD oil is truly to enter mainstream consumption.”

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