10 facts on how consumers approach world cuisines

A survey of almost 1,000 Brits from global intelligence platform Streetbees reveals the difference in world cuisine engagement when out or inside the home.

6 December 2019
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  • 50% of consumers said they sometimes try a new world cuisine when eating out, while 36% said they often do, 10% always do and 4% never do.
  • 56% said they sometimes try cooking with a new world cuisine when at home, while 29% often do, 4% always do and 10% never do.
  • Of the 11 most popular world cuisines in the UK, 81% said they have tried Chinese out of home in the last 12 months, 79% said Indian and 68% said Mexican.
  • Of the options available, East African (9%), Sri Lankan (7%) and Argentinian (7%) were the least tried when out of home.
  • Indian (72%) was the most attempted world cuisine when cooking at home, followed by Chinese (70%) and Mexican (63%).
  • Sri Lankan (6%), East African (5%) and Argentinian (3%) were the least attempted at home.
  • When asked which world cuisine they’d be most interested in trying to cook at home for the first time, Thai and Moroccan were the most selected (both 13%), followed by Lebanese (10%) and Sri Lankan (9%).
  • 47% said that a lack of knowledge/confidence with cooking is preventing them from trying to cook a new world cuisine at home, while 30% said that they don’t have the time. 18% said that it would be too expensive.
  • Having access to step-by-step recipes would motivate 58% of those surveyed to try and cook new world cuisines, while 44% said they would be encouraged if they could buy a spice or sauce mix that adds all the flavour needed for a dish.
  • 40% said they prefer to use a kit containing several different pouches of everything (e.g., Old El Paso fajita kits) when cooking a world cuisine, while 29% said they prefer to buy the individual ingredients.

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