The Co-op's Christmas NPD 2019

Health and well-being, food provenance as well as free-from foods are top of mind.

1 October 2019
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Debuting its first vegan roast this year, The Co-op has one of the few meat analogues on Christmas menus this year, utilising the ever-versatile seitan.

“This year you can expect to be wowed by products with a luxurious shimmer, as well as beautiful simplicity and fun novelty twists. You’ll also see we are giving our more everyday products that touch of Christmas to add a festive feeling in the run up to the big day,” said Breige Donaghy, Director of Delicious Food.

Snacks and Appetisers

Indian-style Sharing selection (£2.25)

As in 2018, there’s plenty of Asian influence evident among the snacking and sharing options. This most prominently appears in the mini Indian mouthfuls, but there also present are the ubiquitous Asian-style chicken lollipops (£3).

Hot Smoked Salmon and Mull of Kintyre Cheddar Bites (£3)

Name-checking a famed Scottish peninsula, these straw-coloured spheres seem to have been designed to complement the colours of the also-ball-shaped Ham Hock & Cranberry Bons Bons (£3).

It is also worth noting that all frozen party food at The Co-op is now gluten-free.

The Main Event

Co-op Irresistible Treacle & Ale Gammon Joint (£8 per 750g)

The flagship main this year comes from 100% outdoor-bred pigs. This gammon joint of unsmoked pork is sweet cured, flavoured with molasses and ale, then finished with a punchy treacle and ale glaze.

A Christmas take on the BBQ swirl, which was a big hit in the summer, is also here in the form of a curly pig in blanket (£4).

Veg / Vegan

Vegan Roasting Joint (£5)

The supermarket’s first vegan roasting joint is made of seitan turkey with a jewelled stuffing of cranberries and apricots, wrapped in seitan bacon.


Irresistible Fully Loaded Billionaire’s Dessert (£6)

While it pushed the boat out last year with its gorgeous White Christmas Snow Globe, The Co-op has made a conscious decision to step back from showstopping desserts in 2019. Instead, it’s offering its take on one of those desserts that has been everywhere this year – particularly in free-from and vegan iterations: the Millionaire’s/Billionaire’s dessert. Here, it simply gets Christmas shimmer, to match the shimmering Christmas-tree-shaped berry cheesecake (£5).

Clemen-thyme Profiteroles (12 for £5)

One of the most striking items in the range consisting, as the name suggests, of clementine cream with a hint of thyme, piped into choux buns that are topped with white chocolate ‘thyme’ leaves.

The Co-op have also completely reworked their mince pie recipe for this year and reduced pastry all round.


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