Take a chill pill: the marijuana mints coming to the UK

Edible cannabis products are rolling into the UK, with the latest one offering a candy that has alleged health benefits.

6 December 2018

A candy aimed at adults has become the latest product to surf the edible cannabis wave that is washing over the UK.

Mr Moxey’s Mints are described as “microdosed cannabis infused” and have already been embraced across the pond. They are the brainchild of Tim Moxey, a Brit living in Seattle, who thinks now is the right time to bring the herbal pastilles home.

The market is certainly starting to pick up. Kebab restaurant Maison Bab mixes CBD oil cocktails, Botanic Lab claims to have created the UK’s first CBD-infused soft drink and The Canna Kitchen, which opened this month in Brighton, serves food made from a full range of cannabis ingredients.

While Moxey initially experimented with CBD-bolstered chocolates, cookies and brownies, he settled on mints because he felt they would resonate more with mainstream consumers.

“The mints came about because people wanted something portable and discreet,” he tells Food Spark, “but what we learned is it’s really hard to make a mint. There aren’t that many mints out there – and for good reason. It’s really difficult to make and it took a year to get the formulation right.

“It turns out people consume mints in one of two ways: they either crunch them or suck on them. I suck on them and my partner Chris crunches on them, and we couldn’t agree which was the right way to do it, so we had to make a mint which was as good to suck as it was to crunch. That sounds trivial, but trust me it nearly killed us. But we got there.”

Microdose marijuana

Over in America, Mr Moxey’s Mints has a six-strong product range that not only incorporates CBD and THC from pesticide-free cannabis but other herbs as well, with the different combinations offering different experiences.

Created with an herbalist, flavours include energising peppermint, made with Siberian ginseng and gingko to promote clarity; relaxing cinnamon with California poppy and chamomile to reduce anxiety; and CBD ginger with Indian gooseberry to support rejuvenation and Echinacea to boost immunity.

Moxey describes the potency of the mints as making everyday life a little bit better. Consumers can experiment with a dosage that works for them, but the company recommends waiting 40 to 60 minutes to feel the effects. He says CBD works to bring people back to a baseline, normal feeling and away from stress, anxiety or tiredness.

Starting in 2014, the brand is now available in six states. Popularity continues to grow as other parts of the US legalise cannabis for recreational use.

CDB to become as popular as protein?

Over in the UK, the mints have been stocked in a London and a Yorkshire store for the last month, but Moxey says the brand is only at the beginning of its journey here. He is currently in talks with core organic retailers.

“It’s really nice to make a product that helps people, and the mints go over really well,” he comments. “The growth of CBD in this country is all in these oil droppers though, and I don’t buy anything with an oil dropper. So because we have got the ability to make this in the States, we thought we would come over here and give people a different way of consuming it.”

CBD will be a big food trend for the next few years, believes Moxey, who predicts a raft of experimentation with products, from chocolate to coffee.

“If you think about protein it was kinda pioneered by the egg, but now it’s in shakes and bars, and there’s lots of things where protein goes into – CBD is the same thing. So CDB is going to be used as an ingredient and it will go into certain types of food, but it will depend on consumer preferences and their need state at the time,” he claims.

Moxey is also passionate about legalisation of cannabis – a trend he predicts is going global thanks to Canada. He is meeting with UK politicians at the moment to campaign for it.

“I want to bring here some understanding as I run a cannabis company in the States,” he says. “I get to explain how sensible legislative approach is better than making it illegal, as making it illegal and putting your head in the sand doesn’t work. It doesn’t stop drugs.”

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