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On sale this September: Goodio's rare cacao beans and Revolicious smoothie pots

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

31 August 2017
Jessica Barac's Revolicious Smoothie Pots

Garbanzo Baked Chickpea Bites: Gluten-free and made of nothing but chickpeas, they come in four flavours: Cajun Kick, Smoked Hickory, Thai Sweet Chilli and Wasabi, all for 99p a pack. They’re good for your blood sugar levels, keep you fuller for longer, and contain iron, zinc and folate. Not enough? They’ve got a low GI rating so they can help diminish your cholesterol too. Virtuous or what?

Olly’s Olives: Olly claims to be starting an ‘oliveolution.’ As you do. Basically it’s 50g packets of olives with no stones, messy oils, preservatives or pasteurisation. They sell for £9 for 6 packs, £17 for 12 packs or £50 for 36 packs, and come in three appealing-sounding flavours: The Bandit (chilli and rosemary green olives); The Connoisseur (basil and garlic green olives); and The Hippie (lemon and thyme green olives).


Goodio Pure Nacional: Founded last year, Goodio just started selling Pure Nacional this month, which is made from the rarest cacao in the world. This is high-end snacking at its best. It’s organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, made of 80% cacao and comes all the way from Peru. It costs £6.50 for a 48g pack. High end indeed.


Revolicious Smoothie Pots: Founded last year, Revolicious has just launched smoothie pots as an alternative to what founder Jessica Barac describes as “the highly processed, refined, sugar-laden products on offer for breakfast, lunch and everything in between.” They’re three flavours of smoothie, with seeds and flakes on top. There’s mango, lime and mint, berry and cacao.

Salt of Hearts: Danish company Mill & Mortar will this month launch salt with less salt in, essentially. Stick with us a sec… It contains only 15% salt but can be used in the same way as salt, and in the same proportions, so you eat less of it. Get it? And it tastes good too, they say. It has yet to have a price tag, but it’s coming soon.


Butternut Squash Stars: Tesco is launching these with the aim of getting children to eat more vegetables. They cost £1.50 for a 250g pack and will be followed by other similar launches including sweet potato smiley faces. They say they reduce food waste and give parents a helping hand.


Teatime: Teas are having their moment, and this company’s niche is tea with none of the bad stuff, namely perfumes and chemicals, and all naturally low in caffeine too. As of this year, you could already find them in Mandarin Oriental hotels and Four Seasons spas, but now you can buy them in retail too. There are nine different flavours in loose-leaf or teabag form for £10 a pop.

Sleep Well: Made of Jersey milk, honey and valerian, this vanilla milk drink claims to do exactly what it says on the pack. It can’t guarantee that of course, but the makers say it helps. A natural alternative to medicinal calming drinks with none of the additives, it was thought up as a means to recover from long-haul flights. They’re planning a chocolate flavour too. We’ll drink to that.


Bean and Pod: The 11-strong, dairy-free artisan boxed chocolate range sits alongside the company’s 10 vegan and 26 vegetarian choices, and cost from between £2.99-10.99 a box. The company, which just launched this month, say they want “everyone to remember how good it feels to open a box of chocolates.” Can’t argue with that.  

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