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On sale this November: fermented sauces and gut-health cereal

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

5 November 2019
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Tigg’s salad dressings, £1.50, Tesco

Three salad dressings have entered into Tesco from fruit and veg salad dressing company, Tigg’s.

The brand claims that the range – Bold Beetroot & Honey, Subtle Pepper & Mustard, and Smokin’ Tomato & Chilli – is ‘cardioprotective’ because of the use of only fruit/veg rather than “cheaper, filler ingredients, such as water, sunflower oil or vinegar.”


GoodBelly, from £3.49 per 350g, Tesco

Probiotic brand GoodBelly have released a new range of cereals – wholegrain oat flakes with apple, cranberry and pumpkin seeds, and wholegrain oat flakes with blueberry, banana, pumpkin seeds and a dash of ginger – into the UK market.

The pair contain live bacterial cultures, boast no sweeteners or artificial flavours and claim to be “high in oat fibre for healthy digestion,” with 100g said to provide up to 18.6g of sugar and around 10g of fibre.


Birds Eye Artisan Style, from £3 per 250g, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s

Birds Eye has expanded its premium frozen fish portfolio with three “bakery inspired” Alaska pollock SKUs.

The three variants – German pretzel crumb with sea salt, sourdough breadcrumb with spelt seeds and wholemeal breadcrumb with seeds and grains – aim to offer consumers a “sophisticated” option for their meal times.


Strong Roots winter range, from £3 per 425g, Tesco, Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods

Frozen veg brand Strong Roots has unveiled a trio of products for winter.

The line-up includes chargrilled sprouts, roasted butternut squash chunks and winter green vegetables (kale, parsnip and spinach).


Eaten Alive, from £3.99 per 150ml, Sainsbury’s

Eaten Alive, the fermentation-promoting brand, has secured its first Sainsbury’s listing with two of its hot sauces.

Smoked Sriracha and Scotch Bonnet are both additive free, vegan and said to contain “good” bacteria.

Eaten Alive already sells some of its products, including Lemon Hot Sauce and a Smoky Pink sauerkraut, in Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic.


Blockhead CBD chewing gum, from £4.99 per pack, independent retailers

A vegan, sugar-free, CBD-infused chewing gum has been released by Blockhead, which claims its new product is a UK first.

Containing 3mg of CBD per piece, Blockhead says that the product allows consumers to absorb CBD faster than other methods on the market. The gum has been released into independents so far, but the company says it has a major retailer lined up.


The Yorkshire Creamery, from £4 per 320g, Morrisons and Tesco

Wensleydale Dairy Products have released a new brand, The Yorkshire Creamy, with three types of cheese launching into northern Morrisons and Tesco stores.

In a move that aims to expand its dairy offerings on the national stage, WDP’s The Yorkshire Creamy has debuted with Extra Mature Yorkshire Cheddar, Yorkshire Red and Double Yorkshire, with a relaunched butter and further cheese NPD expected in the New Year.


Piccolo baby food pouches, price TBC, major retailers

Piccolo have released the UK’s first bio-based baby food pouches, with each pouch said to contain up to 80% of bio-sourced raw materials from renewable sources, such as sugar beet and cane.

The brand says the move “taps into something we know consumers are becoming increasingly passionate about – moving towards a more sustainable future for our planet, which their children will be able to enjoy.”


Oatly ice cream, from £4.50 per 340g, Tesco

Oat milk company Oatly have made their first move into ice cream with the launch of three oat-based flavours.

Chocolate Fudge, Hazelnut Swirl and Salted Caramel have all entered into Tesco, the tubs containing 235, 220 and 246 calories per 100g respectively.


Heck plant-based frozen range, £2.79 per 340g, Holland & Barrett

Heck have unveiled their first frozen range: three plant-based sausage products are entering exclusively into Holland & Barrett.

Based on the brand’s chilled variants, the low-saturated-fat range is comprised of Vegan Breakfast (sage, onion, carrot & mushrooms), Supergreens (kale, spinach, chickpeas, quinoa & mint) and The Beet Goes On (beetroot, carrot & horseradish).


The Green Butcher, from £1.75 per pack, The Co-op

Pork brand Tulip are making their debut on the vegan scene with the release of their Green Butcher sub-brand.

The launch item, vegan slices with peppers, was developed in collaboration with The Co-op and is made of both soy and pea protein. The slices contain real peppers, are high in protein and low in saturated fats.


Müller Bliss expansion, from £2.89 per 4x110g, Asda and Morrisons

Müller have added two new mascarpone-style yoghurts to their Bliss range as the company continues to tap into the consumer trend for ‘permissible indulgence.’

The duo – cherry, and peach and apricot – are both made in Shropshire with British milk and have a real fruit layer.

Müller also launched a mango-flavoured fat-free version of its quark yoghurt into Asda at the end of October.


Minor Figures oat milk, from £2 per litre, Planet Organic and Whole Foods

Cold-brew coffee start-up Minor Figures are to release a 100% organic oat milk, targeting cafes and coffee shops as well as retail.

Billed as the “first barista-quality organic oat milk,” Minor Figures claims their milk alternative contains the same amount of calcium as dairy milk with no added sugar, noting that the oats “lend their own sweetness.”


Goodfella’s Pizza Pockets, from £1.99 per pack, major retailers

Nomad Foods have unleashed a duo of frozen pizza pockets under their Goodfella’s brand.

Requiring just two minutes in the microwave, the mouthfuls come in two flavours: pepperoni and triple cheese.


Holland’s Pies/Wyke Farms cheese and onion pie, from £2.25 per two pack, Asda

A new, deep-fill mature cheddar cheese and onion pie has hit Asda courtesy of a collaboration between Holland’s Pies and Wyke Farms.

The tie-up, which is said to have “enabled a truly unique tasty, rich and creamy mature cheddar cheese and onion pie to be created,” is set to continue with a chilled, single-serve version to launch in 2020.


Cathedral City lactose-free kids’ multipack, from £1.50 per five-pack, major retailers

A new lactose-free SKU for children has been released by Cathedral City, with the Saputo sub-brand hoping to capitalise on recent health trends in kids’ food.

Made with ‘lighter’ cheese, the brand claims the NPD contains 30% less fat than standard cheddar, coming in at 53 calories per mini bag.

“Demand for free-from alternatives continues to grow, and their appeal is not limited to adult occasions,” said Cathedral City snacking brand manager Anca Lazar.


Metcalfe’s Jumbles, £1.79 per pack, Sainsbury’s

Skinny popcorn brand Metcalfe’s has come up with a new concept: Jumbles, which mix pieces of popped corn with fruit slices.

Initially, Jumbles will be available in two flavours, Toffee Apple (toffee and caramel-coated popcorn with slices of dried apple) and Eton Mess (strawberry-coated popcorn with strawberry pieces meringue shells). The former claims to contain 107kcal per portion while the latter is even less at 80kcal; both are gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, high in fibre and made without artificial flavours and colours.


Joe & Seph’s vegan caramel popcorn, from £1.49 per 32g, John Lewis and Selfridges

Gourmet popcorn purveyors Joe & Seph’s have unleashed their first vegan caramel range.

Comprised of three flavours (salted caramel, toffee apple and cinnamon, and coconut and cacao); the range is gluten-free and created in response to “an increasing number of requests” to release a vegan alternative to its traditional caramel flavours.


Halo Top Platinum, prices TBC, major retailers

A new range of traditionally indulgent ice creams have been released by Halo Top, with the brand claiming that, despite the presence of both sugar and cream, the range is still healthier than those from mainstream competitors.

The Platinum Series comes in tubs (Space Candy, Monster Cookie and Triple Chocolate) and bars (Vanilla Crunch, Salted Caramel Swirl and Cookies & Cream).

Calories hit between the 680-690 mark per 473ml tub and 160-180 calories per 50g bar.


Müller Pretzel Party, from £3 per six-pack, Tesco

Müller has added a new Pretzel Party variant to its Corner Creations yoghurts line, with the new six-pack entering exclusively into Tesco at the beginning of the month.

The new SKU consists of a caramel-flavoured yoghurt with a mixture of plain and chocolate-coated pretzel pieces along with dark chocolate-coated biscuit balls.


The Jolly Hog black treacle gammon joint, price TBC, Sainsbury’s and Ocado

Premium pork brand The Jolly Hog is to release its first gammon product this month: a black treacle joint.

Pitched as an upmarket Christmas gammon, the 1.1kg joint can serve up to eight. Further significant NPD is planned to roll out next year.


Bio&Me, from £3.99 per 360g, Booths and Planet Organic

Celebrity dietician and nutritionist Dr Megan Rossi is to launch what she claims is the UK’s first multi-category food brand dedicated to gut health, starting with a range of four granolas.

The four (apple and cinnamon, raspberry and beetroot, cocoa and coconut, and Super Seedy & Nutty) are all said to provide 14.1g of fibre and 12.1g of protein per 100g.

According to the brand, each variant contains “15 different types of plant-based goodness and prebiotic fibre, while most other granolas offer only four or five types.”


Pip & Nut nut butter cups, from £1.49 per 34g, Boots, Ocado and Whole Foods

London-founded nut butter brand Pip & Nut are making their first foray into the realms of nut butter cups.

The three-strong range – milk chocolate peanut, dark chocolate peanut and dark chocolate almond – was released this week with the trio all gluten-free and made with single-origin Colombian chocolate.


Little Dish toddler finger foods, from £2.75 per 150g, Sainsbury’s

A three-strong range of finger foods for toddlers has been released exclusively into Sainsbury’s from chilled baby food brand Little Dish.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, the trio – Mini Cod Fishcakes, Mini Cod Goujons and Mini Chicken & Veg Bites – are designed for children aged 12 months and up, with each 100g providing up to 13.1g of protein, between 0.5g and 4.2g of sugar, and no more than 0.3g of salt.


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