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On sale this November: Arla protein milk and Hippeas chickpea puffs

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

20 October 2017

Purdey’s in a can, £1.19 for a 250ml can, from Tesco, Waitrose and convenience stores

Purdey’s, the natural energy drinks from Britvic, will be available in a can for the first time this month. Both the Rejuvenate and Edge multivitamin flavours are traditionally sold in glass bottles, but Britvic says the cans are to cater for on-the-go occasions.


Mary Berry condiments, £1.69 for 160g, from Tesco

The Mary Berry’s brand from RH Amar has expanded beyond premium salad dressings and chutneys to its first condiments. The first three to launch will be Redcurrant & Mint, Horseradish and Hollandaise. The goal? “Driving value back into the condiments fixture”, according to RH Amar.

Arla Protein Milk, £1.30 for one litre, from Sainsbury’s

The fat-free milk offers 20g of protein per 450ml serving (almost half the recommended daily amount). Arla says it was made my taking natural milk protein and adding it to milk, which means it has 30% more protein than standard skimmed milk. Sounds like an awful lot of milk...


Tetley Super Squash drinks, prices start at £2.29, from Tesco and Waitrose

The company’s first move away from tea, there are four flavours of squash drinks – Sunshine, Boost, Immune with Vitamin C and Immune with Zinc. Sunshine and Boost will be available in both 850ml bottles for £2.29 and concentrated 50ml versions for £2.49. Immune with Vitamin C will be available in a 850ml bottle only, while Immune with Zinc will only come in the 50ml format.


Four new vegan hot pots from Pollen + Grace, from £3.99 for 230g, from selected Budgens and Planet Organic

The new hot pots are Turmeric + Butternut Daal Pot, and Kimchi + Miso Noodle Pot. And in the Lunch Box range, the Immunity Box is now available as a vegan option as well as served with chicken, in a 350-380g plastic box with a RRP of £7.50. The Raw Cacao and Raspberry Porridge Pot (which is dairy free) joins the line-up of Breakfast Pots, served in a 190-230g plastic pot for £3.99.

Giant orange Smarties, £1.38 for 150g, from Asda

To mark the brand’s 80th anniversary, Nestlé has added a giant tube of orange-only Smarties. It said an orange-only pack was one of the most requested new products, and added that the giant tube of regular Smarties has become a “staple of the Christmas season.”


Hippeas, £1.79 for 78g, from Waitrose, Ocado, Planet Organic, Boots and Superdrug

The latest in guilt-free snacking, these are flavoured organic chickpea puffs. Available in Cheese & Puffs, In Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita, and Sweet and Smokin’ flavours, there’s 90 calories per serving, and they’re high in fibre and protein too.

Schweppes 1783 range, £1.29 for 200ml and £1.89 for 600ml, from Waitrose and Ocado

Designed to pair with premium spirits – not just gin – the six-strong range, which comes in glass bottles as opposed to the traditional Schweppes plastic, contains no artificial sweeteners. The six new flavours are Crisp Tonic, Light Tonic, Golden Ginger Ale, Salty Lemon, Quenching Cucumber and Aromatic Floral Tonic.


Higgidy pastry-free Frittata, £4 for 400g, from Waitrose and Tesco

This is Higgidy’s first pastry-free range. Called Frittata, it comes in three flavours: Welsh Goat’s Cheese & Leek; Chorizo, Feta & Roasted Pepper; and Spinach, Feta & Cherrybell Pepper. They contain less fat than the brand’s quiches and pies, and are made with free-range British eggs.

Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé, £8 for 750ml, from all major supermarkets

This new French-inspired premium rosé is made from Australian-grown grapes by winemakers in Australia. Described as being fresh and delicate, it has been created to reflect the savoury style of rosé that is common in the south of France, according to Jacob’s Creek.

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