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On sale this May: Selfridges' avocado ice cream and grain-based ready meals

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

30 April 2018
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Selfridges Avo-lato, £9.50 per 200g, Selfridges

Straight in this month with a weird one from the top draw: Selfridges, the high end retailer, have added an avocado-flavoured ice cream to their luxury gelato counter.

The “Avo-lato” is served in an avocado skin and boasts an edible stone made primarily from peanut butter. Naturally vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar-free; the Avo-lato is made up of 60% dark green or hass avocado, water, grape sugar, fibre and pectin.

Quite the little objet d’art, one of these beauties will set you back nearly a tenner – but we’ll see you down there for a try!


Warburtons: Bistro Deli Buns, £1.25 per 260g, Asda

We’re coming back down to earth a bit after the above avocado madness with Warbuton’s latest additions to their sandwich-making line – the pre-sliced deli buns.

Two variants will be available in Asda – white and malted grains & seeds. Both are baked with extra virgin olive oil.  


‘Golden Valley’ Gluten-Free Chicken Range, Price TBA, Central Foods

Frozen food distributors Central Valley have added a new gluten-free chicken range via Golden Valley.

Three varieties – chicken goujons, chicken chunks and chicken kievs – will be available exclusively through Central Foods. All are made with chicken breast and gluten-free breadcrumbs.


Ginsters of Cornwall: Low Calorie/Veggie Range, £1.70 per pack, Major retailers

In what is another major brand getting on board the healthy/veggie bandwagon, Ginsters of Cornwall are adding four new healthier pastries to their range this year.

The Ginsters Katsu Chicken and Ginsters Piri Piri Chicken slices are just 370 and 349 calories respectively, while the Moroccan Vegetable Pasty and Cornish Cheddar & Caramelised Onion Pasty were created due to data from a 2017 survey revealing that over a third of shoppers want to see an expanded range of vegetarian products in shops.


EatFirst “Taste of Asia” Range, from £2.49, Ocado

Online food delivery company EatFirst have released their “Taste of Asia” range, with which they are “hoping to revolutionise the ready-meal industry”.

The expansive range includes everything from barbecue ribs to miso-glazed salmon and also includes vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.


Featured in Aisle Spy

Check out a more detailed look at two of this month's releases:

Cocofina's vegan yoghurts in powder packets, Price TBA, online

The Great British Biscotti Co's four new flavours, £2.99 per 100g pack, online

Nestle's Lindahl's Kvarg quark range, £1.00 per 150g, Asda, Waitrose and Ocado


Charlie Bigham: Grain-Based Ready Meals, £8.50 per 780g, Waitrose

Hot on the heels of the above EatFirst are the swanky ready meal purveyors at Charlie Bigham with their new, six-strong, grain-based offerings.

These include a salmon teriyaki with edamame, bok choi, sticky jasmine rice & quinoa, and a roasted aubergine & halloumi dish with butter beans in a tomato sauce & bulgur wheat.


Blue Skies: Dairy-Free Ice Cream, £4.99 per 450ml, Waitrose

Blue Skies, a Ghanaian fruit supplier, have released three different dairy-free ice creams.

The two, Chocolate & Orange, Coconut and Mango & Passion Fruit, are both made in Ghana and from coconut milk. Blue Skies started life in 1997 by supplying pineapple juice to Sainsbury’s and are now branching out in the UK after succeeding with an own brand line of fruit juices in Ghana.


Hellmann’s BBQ sauce range, from £1.29 per 250ml, Major retailers

Mayonnaise kings Hellman’s rolled out their new summer sauces this month with three new varieties the result of a new £3m NPD investment.

The three sauces – Chilli BBQ, Hot Dog and Honey BBQ – are planned to coincide with the upcoming 2018 World Cup this summer. And all the inevitable rain.


Happy Egg Co: Liquid Egg White/Sandwich Fillers, from £1.50 per 220g, Asda, MuscleFood and Morrisons

Bit of a peculiar one coming out of the Happy Egg Co this month with the release of their liquid egg whites cartons. Primed towards breakfasters looking for a quick and easy way to make high protein, low fat scrambled eggs and omelettes; the liquid egg whites represent the company’s first foray into the realm of non-shell egg products since their discontinued quiches back in 2011.

Happy Egg Co have also released two types of sandwich filler – Egg & Bacon Mayo and Classic Egg Mayo.


Wall’s Sausage Thins/Half n’ Half Sausage Rolls, £1.50 each, Major retailers

Getting in on the healthy eating vibe this month are sausage masters, Wall’s, with two new products designed to appeal to the health-conscious consumer.

Their Sausage Thins – sausage meat sandwiched by thinner puff pastry – contain only 70 calories per thin and have reduced saturated fat. These are sold in packs of five while the Half n’ Half Sausage Rolls come in packs of six and are made with half wholemeal flour and half white flour.

The latter also has reduced fat, sat fats and less calories.


Jelly Belly Candy Company: Gummi Pet Line, from £4 each, Major retailers

Fancy a gummi rat for a cheeky snack? How about a gummi tarantula? Jelly Belly have seemingly gone hell for leather in creating edible nightmares with their new, four-strong Gummi Pet line.

Along with the Gummi Pet Rat (yes, rat) and the Gummi Pet Tarantula, you can also now sink your teeth into a Gummi Pet Gator or a Gummi Pet Dinosaur.

What a time to be alive!


WheyHey Gluten-Free Brownie Range, £1.80 per 40g, WHSmith

Boasting 10g of protein per 40g brownie, ice cream brand WheyHey’s first attempt at a new market isn’t pulling any punches.

There are three versions – Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Peanut. And guess what? The recipe includes whey!


Boka Food Snack Bar Range, from £0.75p each, Sainsbury’s

Claiming to be the first snack bar in Europe to sport four green ‘lights’ on the front of the packaging – indicating a low fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt content – Boka have secured a listing with Sainsbury’s to stock four cereal bars across 440 stores nationwide.

The four flavours – Choco Mallow, Caramel, Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry – come in multipacks of four or as ‘grab-and-go’ single bars.


Sainsbury’s ‘Touch-Free Chicken’, Price TBA

Turns out that those of us under 35, according to new research, are afraid to touch raw meat. I’m pretty sure that’s not all of us, but certainly enough of us for Sainsbury’s to launch a touch-free chicken range into their stores from May.

Coming in sachets, the touch-free chicken pieces are sure to divide opinions everywhere. Choose your side!


Sainsbury’s: ‘Little Ones’ Baby Food Range, from £1.00

Along with their contentious touch-free chicken, Sainsbury’s have also bulked up their baby food range, with a number of different items flooding stores across the country.

These include some rather jazzy options such as an organic lamb & chickpea tagine and a chicken katsu curry & rice.


Jude’s Vegan Ice Cream Range, Price TBA, via Foodservice

Following up their new supermarket tub range in March, Jude’s is launching a brand new vegan range available via foodservice companies.

The range will include chocolate, coconut and vanilla flavours, all completely vegan-ised. The ice cream company have also revealed they will be expanding their ranges even further over the course of the year.


Tiptree Fruit Crisps, £1.29 per 20g, Tiptree Jam Shop (trial)

They make brilliant jam, and now the guys at Wilkin & Sons are trying their hand at crisps! The snacks, which are currently on trial at the Tiptree Jam Shop, come in six flavours – Pineapple, Beetroot & Parsnip, Tomato & Cucumber, Pepper & Courgette, Pear and Apple.


Dairylea Cheese & Chocolate Snackers, £1.65 per pack, Major retailers

One for the experimentalists here as Dairylea prepare to unleash two new versions of their long-running snacker range: chocolate and cheese in the same pack!

Both Oreo and mini chocolate cookie versions will be available, with the description explaining that one would eat the traditional cheese/cracker combo before moving onto the ‘dessert’ afterwards.

Almost a guarantee then that no-one will be following that route then.


Rude Health Crisps,  from 99p per 30g Ocado, Whole Foods and Planet Organic,

Rude Health are to release two versions of their “cornitas” crisp alternatives.

Black Bean and Chickpea & Lentil packs will be drip-fed in to a number of different outlets over the next month with this Rude Health’s first foray into the land of healthy snacking.


Del Monte Gold Pineapple Slices, £1.30 per 435g, Major retailers

Looking to capitalise on increasing sales of pineapple, fruit and veg company Del Monte are to release two premium cans of pineapple in May.

The two – Pineapple Chunks and Pineapple Slices – use “naturally sweeter versions of the fruit” and are said to hold quadruple the amount of vitamin D when compared to a standard, Smooth Cayenne pineapple. They are also said to have a softer texture.

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