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On sale this March: Goodfella’s goes vegan, fruit crisps and kefir meets quark

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

6 March 2018
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Nim’s Fruit Crisps, £1 per 22g, from Tesco

It’s been a particularly good start of the year for Nim’s, with its range of air-baked fruit and veg crisps stocked not only at both Ocado and Co-Op, but also now at Tesco. Coming in apple, pear, and beetroot and parsnip varieties, Nim’s fruit crisps are fat, gluten and dairy free, as well as being vegan, kosher and halal certified. A healthy alternative to crisps for pretty much everyone, now found pretty much everywhere.


Goodfella’s Vegan Pizza, £2.50 per pizza, from all major supermarkets

Billed as the first ‘mass-market’ vegan pizza, Goodfella’s has made a real go at this, topping the base with falafel, red peppers, spinach, white onion, spicy harissa sauce and a hummus drizzle. “You’re less than 20 minutes away from a top-notch vegan dinner!” said brand manager, Alex Brown. Seems that a night in with a pizza and a film just became a universal affair.


Beckleberry’s Blackcurrant and Martini Sorbet, £4.99 per 500ml, from all major supermarkets

“Stirred not shaken,” reads the tagline for the latest in Beckleberry’s Tipple Twist range of boozy sorbets, with martini lovers sure to be right on board with this one. Joining the already tipsy blackcurrant and kirsch, sloe gin, and sour cherry and amaretto varieties, Beckleberry’s strives to provide a cheeky solution for when a partner says you’ve had too many glasses of wine on a work night. Probably.


Jude’s Gooey Chocolate Brownie/Vanilla Clotted Cream, £3.95/pint, from Sainsbury’s

Jude’s, purveyors of proper British ice cream, is releasing two new flavours this March, namely a rich chocolate ice cream with pure Colombian cacao and a gooey chocolate brownie swirl, and Madagascan bourbon vanilla with West Country clotted cream.


Secret Gardens: Organic Pomegranate Crush, £11.96 per pack of four, from Holland & Barrett

Hailing from Turkey, the guys at Secret Gardens do love a bit of pomegranate, having first burst onto the scene with their pomegranate essence. Now, Secret Gardens has gone straight for juice, which packed full of pomegranate plucked from the Antalya region. Pomegranate is a powerful anti-oxidant, with each bottle of the crush also containing 26% of an adult’s recommended daily potassium intake.


Featured in Aisle Spy

Check out a more detailed look at three of this month’s releases:

Red Red meal pots, £8.97 per three, from Whole Foods

Gradz Bakery healthy breads, £3.85-4.49, from Ocado

Seamore seaweed wraps, price TBC, from Whole Foods


Aunt Bessie’s Swede/Carrot Chips, £1.75 per 500g, from Asda and Tesco

Healthy alternatives are currently the aim of the game for frozen food giant Aunt Bessie’s, with two new additions to their Carb Swap series arriving in Tesco this month: swede chips seasoned with rosemary and sea salt; and crinkle cut carrot chips with smoked paprika.


JF Renshaw: Simply Create range, individually priced, from Booths

The old-school, cake-decorating folks at Renshaw have unveiled their shot at upskilling the nation: the Simply Create range, which is designed to facilitate all your home frosting, ganache, icing and fondant needs. Born from a survey that proclaimed that the nation is crying out for baking products to help them achieve professional results in non-professional surroundings, Simply Create consists of 11 different products, including pour-over icing and ready-to-roll fondant.


Bio-tiful Kefir-Quark pots, from £1.69 per 150g, from Waitrose

Kefir’s not a new thing, but we’re seeing it around a lot more often these days, and Waitrose has got on the bandwagon in a big way. Its first salvo of kefir-based drinks from Bio-tiful was released last year, while a new range goes on sale this month. A mix of kefir and quark (soft curd cheese) have found their way into pots, which come in both original as well as cranberry and chai flavours. Each pot is packed full of protein and live bacteria.


Heavenly: Mini-Biscuits 12+, £0.69 per pack, from Tesco and Ocado

Doing it for the kids, Heavenly has launched mini-biscuits for children aged 12+ months. These naturally sweetened wholegrain biscuits are available in apple or strawberry flavour. Heavenly is fast becoming prolific in its output, with everything from wafer wisps to organic squishies becoming part of its ever-expanding repertoire.


Coldpress Fruity Nut Shakes, £1.99 per 250ml, Waitrose

Three new varieties arrive in March as Coldpress continues to push for all things healthy and juicy. Added to the ever-expanding high-protein range are: strawberry, oat and cashew; raspberry, pear, beetroot and almond; and spiced oat and almond. Coldpress says it’s targeting the “active gym fraternity, health-conscious foodies, students, time-poor commuters and true milkshake purists.” Quite a honed target audience then.

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