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On sale this March: Charlie Bigham’s dessert debut and Nestlé’s first Quality Street addition in 85 years

All the new launches you need to know about this month

2 March 2020
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Cooks & Co range update, prices vary, Ocado

Cooks & Co have expanded their Ocado portfolio with the addition of roasted red and yellow peppers, roasted red pepper strips, and young green jackfruit.

The company has also given its 100-strong range (found across Tesco, Morrisons and Ocado), which includes antipasti, oils, vinegars, mushrooms and canned foods, a “colourful new look” including “even stronger product photography” on packs.


Gü chocolate mousses, £3.30 per two-pack, Morrisons

Gü has added a trio of mousses in glass ramekins to its pudding line-up.

The three strong range - chocolate mousse with ganache, dark chocolate mousse and Guérande salted caramel, and dark chocolate mousse with ganache - were developed by Gü’s head chef Fred Ponnavoy using an authentic French recipe to achieve a “rich, indulgent, sticky texture”.


Cornetto mermaid and Calippo cola, from £1.10 per 105ml, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

Unilever is tapping into the mermaid trend with a new Cornetto mermaid flavour.

The single ice cream comprises a pink cone filled with matcha and raspberry flavoured ice cream and raspberry sauce, while the multi-pack version combines raspberry and vanilla flavoured ice cream. Both are topped with edible pearls and starfish shapes.

There are also two new additions to the Wall’s Calippo range – a new Calippo cola flavour and a single stick Calippo lime which has previously only been available in a multi-pack.


Quality Street Intrigue truffle boxes, £5 per 200g, Morrisons and Asda

Nestlé has launched a trio of Quality Street truffle boxes – the first completely new chocolates to join the brand in some 85 years.

To create the range, called Intrigue, Nestlé said it had taken “the essence of Quality Street and added a contemporary twist”, combining elements such as praline, caramel and fruit with a “delicious truffle centre”.

The range comes in three flavours – salted caramel, praline and orange – with the latter being exclusive to Asda.


Lotus Biscoff ice cream, £3.99 per 460ml, Morrisons and Waitrose

Lotus is hoping to cement its presence in the freezer aisle with the launch of Biscoff ice cream tubs.

Described as an “indulgent dairy Lotus Biscoff ice cream base that is packed with Lotus Biscoff spread swirls and crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit bits”, the NPD follows last year’s launch of Biscoff Ice Cream Sticks.


Cadbury Darkmilk: crunchy cocoa pieces, from £1 per 90g, major retailers

Cadbury has added a new crunchy cocoa pieces bar and giant buttons to its Darkmilk chocolate brand.

The new bar combines the chocolate – which contains 40% cocoa solids – with cocoa nibs “for added texture and an intense cocoa hit”.


Big Tom ketchup, £2.50 per 260g, Amazon and James White

James White Drinks is looking to rival Heinz and Stokes with the launch of its Big Tom ketchup.

Made with “the same instantly recognisable and addictive Big Tom spice blend and Portuguese tomatoes”, James White said it was a healthier alternative to the leading brands thanks to its lower sugar content.


Bonraw Silverbirch, £4 per 275g, Whole Foods Market and Amazon

Sugar alternative brand Bonraw has launched in the UK with a sugar replacement called Silverbirch.

Billed as a “direct replacement for white refined sugar”, Silverbirch granules provide 40% fewer calories and are made from xylitol which is said to be good for teeth as it helps “neutralise plaque acidity” and repair tooth enamel.

Silverbirch is the first product of its kind to achieve Sugarwise accreditation, according to Bonraw.


Squeaky Bean vegan pancakes, £2.50 per pack, Waitrose

Squeaky Bean ready-made vegan pancakes have been exclusively launched in Waitrose.

Squeaky Bean vegan fluffy American pancakes and vegan original sweet pancakes are made with soya and join chilled food producer Winterbotham Darby’s existing vegan line-up of satay kiev, nuggets and fishless fingers.


Sanissimo Salmas crackers, £1.59 per 144g, Sainsbury’s

Grupo Bimbo has debuted in Sainsbury’s with Sanissimo, a Mexican-style, oven-baked corn cracker brand (made with white corn instead of yellow).

The first products to be released under the new brand are two ‘Salmas’ crackers – original and chia and flax – which are made with “no more than four” natural ingredients as well as being low fat, low calorie, vegan and gluten free.

Grupo Bimbo says Sanissimo will be the first in a swathe of bakery brands it plans to bring to the UK over the next five years.


McVitie’s limited edition chocolate digestives, £1.50 per 250g, major retailers

Pladis has added a trio of limited-edition flavours to its McVitie’s chocolate digestives line-up.

The biscuits – marmalade on toast, cherry bakewell and strawberries and cream – have been launched as part of McVitie’s sponsorship of Team GB at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.


Maynards Bassetts super fruit jellies, £1 per 130g, major retailers

Maynards Bassetts has launched super fruit jellies which are said to contain 30% fruit juice.

Each pack contains a mixture of four flavours - papaya, pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry - in “super fruit” shapes.

Manufacturer Mondelez claims that six sweets offer 15% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins C and E.


Aero chocolate caramel bar, £1 per 100g, Asda, Co-op, Morrisons and Tesco

Nestlé has boosted its Aero range with a new chocolate caramel bar.

The bar is made from caramel-flavoured milk chocolate, which is responsibly sourced under the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. 


Roberts ultimate hot cross buns, £1.39 per four-pack, Tesco

Roberts Bakery is marking Easter with hot cross buns made with waste bread.

The ultimate hot cross buns are flavoured with orange oil, sultanas and candied citrus peels and contain bread ferment made from ‘wonky’ white loaves that would otherwise have been disposed of.

“UK household food waste is shocking – particularly so around the bread and bakery category,” said Alison Ordonez, Roberts director of innovation.

“Manufacturers are being challenged to do everything we can to overcome what is a pressing environmental challenge.”


Maltesers mint buttons, from 66p per 32g, major retailers

Maltesers has boosted its buttons range with a new mint flavour.

The NPD marks the first flavoured launch in the brand’s history and is billed as “a delicious combination of the Maltesers trademark crunch alongside a fresh, minty flavour”.


Charlie Bigham’s proper puds, £5.50 per pudding, Waitrose

Charlie Bigham’s is making its debut in desserts with a range of ready-to-bake ‘proper puds’.

The five-strong range – sticky toffee, sticky ginger, chocolate fondant, bread and butter and cherry bakewell – are made with “the choice ingredients found in a discerning baker’s pantry”, says the brand, including “Belgian chocolate shards, sherry-soaked raisins, cinnamon sugar and sweet cherry compote”.

They are packaged in the same wooden trays as the brand’s savoury meals and have a 15 to 20-minute cooking time.

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