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On sale this July: Aldi unveils new chicken Kiev flavour and Propercorn adds Properchips

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

3 July 2019
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Mac and cheese chicken Kiev, £1.59 per two pack, Aldi

Made with 100% British chicken, Aldi’s mac and cheese chicken Kiev was unveiled at the tail end of June, hot on the heels of their chicken katsu Kiev release earlier in the year.

Also being released by the supermarket is a mojito pork sausage, which will hit stores early July and is made with white rum, mint, red chilli, lime zest and spices.


Popcorn Shed Mini Pop, from £1 per 28g, Ocado and Amazon

Popcorn Shed, the gourmet popcorn start-up, is releasing a line of mini popcorn made with a white grain that pops to half the size of regular popcorn.

Named Mini Pops, the low-calorie option will come in five different flavours – sweet and salty, toffee, salted, salt and vinegar, and white truffle – with the brand claiming the new line is the first of its kind in Europe.

Popcorn Shed said that their miniature popcorn “virtually disintegrates when chewed,” which means “they don’t get stuck in your teeth, like regular popcorn does, which improves the eating experience.”


Oreo Cadbury Coated, from £2 per 164g, major retailers

After enjoying a successful debut in Australia, generating value sales to the tune of £2.8m in its first year back in 2017, the Oreo Cadbury Coated product is now coming to the UK.

“The meeting of two of the country’s favourite brands – Cadbury and Oreo – is set to shake up the sweet biscuits category,” said Joanna Dias, senior brand manager for Oreo.


Properchips, from 80p per 20g, major retailers

After an official rebranding, Proper (previously Propercorn) is to release a brand-new line which will be the first in “an ambitious pipeline of innovation in other snacking categories.”

The result of “months and months and months” of development, Properchips is a lentil-based crisp that comes in four flavours: Barbecue, Sweet Sriracha Chilli, Sea Salt, and Sour Cream & Chive.

Said to contain 30% less fat than leading crisp brands and only 100 calories per 20g serving, Properchips (shaped for “optimal scoopability”) is said to be “a healthier alternative to both hand-cooked crisps and tortilla chips.”


Troo, prices TBA, Holland & Barrett

Five SKUs from gut health start-up Troo is to enter Holland & Barrett in July, in what will be a co-branded partnership between the two companies.

The move marks the first time H&B has partnered up with a food brand in this way, with the five products all repackaged versions of Troo’s ‘Granola and A Spoonful of Fibre’ inulin syrup. One portion of each of these Troo products is said to provide at least 25% of the recommended daily amount of fibre.

Troo is also gearing up to unleash six separate SKUs into Sainsbury’s this summer, with the release made up of three porridge products and three granola.


Kabuto Noodles meal kits, £3.50, Tesco

Kabuto Noodles is making its first foray into the meal kit realm with three ramen SKUs arriving in Tesco.

Chilli & Lime Leaf, Spicy Garlic and Mellow Miso are the result of nine months’ R&D, with each containing two noodle nests, stock paste and spice mix to be prepared with either vegetables or protein.


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Symington’s Twistd, prices vary, major retailers


No wrapper Solero lollies, £3, Ocado

Consumer goods giant Unilever has unveiled a multipack of wrapper-free Solero ice lollies with the company hailing it as the first-ever sustainable ice cream packaging of its kind.

The new Solero pack will be trialled with the recently launched Organic Peach Solero variant, with the innovation removing the need for single-use plastic wrappers. The lollies will instead be housed in individual slots made from polyethylene-coated cardboard.


Wicked caesar wrap, from £3 per wrap, Tesco

Tesco is jumping on the pea protein bandwagon with the release of their Wicked caesar wrap.

The new wrap, which will be the latest addition to the growing Wicked Kitchen range, is comprised of pulled pea protein tenders, caesar dressing, chickpea croutons and salad greens.

Tesco has said that the product will be the first of many containing pea protein to go on sale over the coming months, with Good Catch, the pea-protein-based fish alternative brand, also set for Tesco stores soon.


Aldi vegan range, prices wary

It’s another (big) one for the supermarket Aldi this month with the launch of its new vegan range, I Am Vegan.

The new range starts with a two-pack of meatless quarter pounders made from soya and pea protein, flavoured with smoked salt to provide a chargrilled taste. Each burger contains 20g of protein and only 3g of saturated fat.

Aldi plans to continue the products under this brand over the next six months.


Cathedral City 82, from £2 per 150g, Tesco

A lower-calorie cheddar cheese is being rolled out by Cathedral City, containing 82 calories per 30g portion.

The cheese, which comes in Grated, Big Slice and Block variants, is made from lower-fat milk and boasts half the fat and 33% fewer calories than standard cheddar.


Mr Kipling Roald Dahl Cakes, from £1 per pack, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda

George, Fantastic Mr Fox and the BFG are all coming back for a second outing with Mr Kipling as the successful Roald Dahl-themed cake line returns this month (and with new additions).

Fantastic Mr Fox’s Apple Mini Batts and James’s Chocolate & Raspberry Ladybird Slices will be seen across major retailers (along with the two original debutants from May 2018) while four new SKUs are to hit selected retailers.

Miss Honey’s Delightful Honeycomb Flavour Fancies and Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Fudge Whirls are to arrive only in Tesco while Morrisons is getting James’ Peach Slices.

The BFG’s Frobscottle Fancies, meanwhile, will be exclusive to Asda.


McVitie’s Granola Oat Bakes, £1.89 per 140g, Asda

Pladis has launched McVitie’s Granola Oat Bakes with a mission statement of “making snack time healthier.”

With 35% less sugar than the average oat biscuit, the new product, which comes in two variants – dark chocolate and Almond, and Cranberry – contains up to 16.7g of sugar per 100g compared to the 25.5g found in the original McVitie’s Hobnobs.

They will initially be stocked by Asda with other major retailers coming into play across the year.


One Stop frozen line, prices vary, Tesco

Twenty-four frozen own-label lines have been introduced into the Tesco-owned convenience chain One Stop.

The lines have been added to the chain’s 450-strong own-brand range, with some replacing existing branded products in stores such as Richmond sausages and Bird’s Eye chicken.

Some of the ready meals introduced include chicken tikka masala, cottage pie, roast dinners and an all-day breakfast.


Pladis Flipz salted caramel, from £1.50 per 90g, major retailers

A new variant of Flipz has been released by Pladis. The salted caramel flavour entering into stores at the end of June.

“Flipz salted caramel offers a moreish, sweet and savoury taste with a delicious, on-trend salted caramel twist,” said Sarah Horowitz, director of new ventures at Pladis UK&I.


Maryland chocolate cookie bars, from £1.39 per 19g, major retailers

Burton’s has added a multipack of chocolate cookie bars to its Maryland Cookies portfolio. The move marks the company’s first move into the chocolate biscuit bar market.

Containing 97 calories per bar, the new product is said to be “the UK's only fully coated chocolate chip cookie in a single-serve bar that's ideally suited to on-the-go."


Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums with 30% less sugar, from £1.32 per 130g, major retailers

Mondelez has unveiled a low-sugar wine gum variant in response to the rapidly growing less-sugar candy market, which the company says is growing 56% year on year.

Made with soluble fibre (polydextrose), the new version contains 35g of sugar per 100g compared with the 57.3g found in regular Wine Gums. They also contain 14% less calories than the original.


Davina Steel gluten-free baking kits, from £2.49 per 300g, convenience stores

Gluten-free baking company Davina Steel has released a range of home baking kits centred on a three-step cooking process.

Six kits are available: garlic and rosemary focaccia, onion focaccia, chocolate chip focaccia, white loaf mix, pizza base mix and scone mix.

All six are made with natural ingredients and free from 13 major allergens – including, of course, gluten.


Pots & Co, from £3.50 per meal deal, The Co-op

Pots & Co is to enter Co-op with its Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache Little Pot, which is becoming part of the supermarket’s permanent meal deal roster.

Sold in ceramic pots and handmade with double cream, Cornish sea salt and cocoa grown on the company’s sustainable farm in Colombia, Pots & Co is already stocked in the likes of Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Selfridges.


Online only

Stirrd, £11.99 a month

New confectionery kid on the block Stirrd has launched an online subscription service of artisanal fudge and sweets which it claims is the first of its kind.

Starting mid-June, Stirrd is offering a monthly box containing “a classic mouth-watering fudge, a season-inspired flavoured fudge, and one other tasty sweet treat” for £11.99. 

The boxes, which are sent out on the 28th of every month, contain adult-focused confectionery that are made “using traditional methods.”


Humble Acre Gogo Roos, £1.35 per 40g

Children’s breakfast cereal start-up Humble Acre is making its debut this month with a no-added-sugar range dubbed Gogo Roos.

Made with crispy rice, chickpea, sweet potato and chicory root, Gogo Roos contain 9.3g of naturally occurring sugar per 100g. The line will start with a cocoa variant and will be joined by a number of other formats and flavours throughout the year as well as an “on-the-go option made with plant-based milk.”


Fuel10K The Complete Meal, £19.50 per shake

A new direct-to-consumer powdered shake is now available through Fuel10K. The fitness -focused company is looking to challenge the likes of Huel in the category.

Fuel10K’s The Complete Meal is “packed with complex carbohydrates, wholegrain oats and flaxseed” and comes in three flavours: Strawberry & Banana, Chocolate and Vegan Vanilla.

The trio comes in resealable 1kg pouches and contains more than 26g of protein and 8.5g of fibre per serving as well as the full recommended daily amount “of 14 essential vitamins & minerals.”

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