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On sale this February: multivitamin milks and vegan muffin bars

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

30 January 2018
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Jordans Low Sugar Granola, £4.00 per 500g, from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda and Ocado

Bouncing headfirst into the even-less-than-less-sugar scene, Jordans has released two new low-sugar granola packs, operating around the stat that 75% of Britons are actively looking for healthier options for their diets. Both varieties – cherry and almond, almond and hazelnut – contain less than 5% sugar.


Nākd Blueberry Muffin Bar, 75p per bar or £2.49 for four, from all major supermarkets

Talking of health-conscious options, Nākd are always at the forefront of the boom. And its latest release is the Nākd Blueberry Muffin, made with 100% natural ingredients and free from added sugars/syrups. It’s also vegan-friendly and one of your five-a-day. Seems like it’s even better for you than a banana or a lie-in. The brand claims that blueberry muffin is the on-trend thing this year. Be prepared to release your inner Violet Beauregarde.


Waitrose’s British Steak Haché, £3.70 per 340g, Waitrose

Claiming to be the first major supermarket to go this way, Waitrose has released its British Steak Haché, a French bistro-style product. Made using prime British meat, this haché has been coarsely minced and then pressed into an oval shape with chives, sea salt and black pepper. Talking of coarse, we hope that the supposed nickname of haché – “posh hamburger from France” – isn’t something that’ll catch on.


Pollen & Grace: Assorted pots/boxes, from £3.99 for 350g, Ocado

A start-up that first popped up to tackle the problem of food intolerances, Pollen & Grace has continued to grow in the ‘naturopath’ scene. Five different ‘boxes and pots’ can now be found on Ocado, including their Beetroot Quinoa & Tahini Abundance Box and Warming Miso & Kimchi Noodle Pot. Might need a spot of Googling for some of the others, but it’s all very good for you, we have no doubt.


Fuel 10K: Mini Yogs Yoghurt Drinks, £2.69 per 200ml, from all major supermarkets

In what is another addition to the early-morning market, protein breakfast brand Fuel 10K have released a new range of mini yoghurt drinks. Coming in two different flavours – strawberry and peach – the Mini Yogs will look to appeal to the young adult and is a further move away from the traditional boxed cereal game. Fuel 10K has also extended its porridge range and released three 225g peanut butter pouches – smooth, roasted and chocolate – that are on sale for £2.39-a-pop.


Asda’s Own Label Multivitamin Milks, £1.25 per four pints, from Asda

Replacing its previous own-brand milks from January, Asda has released a new duo of fortified milks, whole and semi-skimmed, that have a higher percentage of vitamins than the previous offerings. The retailer has also added to Arla’s listings with a fat-free protein milk that has 20g of protein per 450ml serving – almost half of the recommended daily amount.


Bahlsen’s Choco Moments, £1.99 per 120g, from Tesco and Co-op

Most people have had a Choco Leibniz. It’s that delectable, square German biscuit with a lathering of chocolate on top. Bahlsen are to thank for this, and they’ve been churning them out since 1891. Now, we have a new product from Bahlsen called Choco Moments. We’re talking similarly iconic biscuit but with even more chocolate – plus it comes in two different flavours. Choco Moments Crunchy Hazelnut pits milk chocolate with hazelnut while Choco Moments Crunchy Mint sees dark chocolate meet mint.


Walkers: Max Strong, from 80p per 50g, from all major supermarkets

Here’s something fun: crisp titans Walkers have released a new line that is focussed on the pairing of crisps with beer! Available in Chilli & Lime, Hot Chicken Wings and Jalapeño & Cheese flavours, Walkers claim that 15% of beer-drinking occasions feature a bag of crisps and have moved to start up a market. We’re hoping for one or two TV spots featuring a drunk Gary Lineker falling off a bar stool.


Arla Fibre, 450g, from Tesco

Danish dairy company Arla has rolled out a new range of high-fibre yoghurts this month. Four flavour pots will be available: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple and passion fruit – and they will all provide 4.7g of fibre per 150g serving. Arla claims that, on average, the UK population consumes only 18g of fibre a day, with the recommended amount being around 30g. Tesco are the first to pick these new yoghurt pots up, with other major retailers to follow suit in stocking around March.


Mrs Crimbles Big Choc Macaroon Bar, 99p per 60g, from Sainsbury’s and Tesco

Coeliac sufferers and gluten gluttons rejoice: Mrs Crimbles has released its first single-serving snack bar. We’re talking coconut cake drenched in decadent chocolate. Said to be the world’s number-one gluten-free cake brand, the team behind it have ‘calculated’ that one of their products is consumed every second. If that’s the case, expect these little babies to rocket off the shelves.


McVitie's Hobnobs: Hazelnut Nibbles, £1.99 for 120g, from all major supermarkets

A gift from one of the biscuit grandmasters, the new flavour of Nibbles (little chocolate balls in sharing pouches) is hazelnut. While sure to be devastatingly moreish, being so small and not so traditionally ‘biscuit-y,’ we wouldn’t recommend trying to dunk these in your tea. Not unless you want to start an unofficial offshoot named something like McVitie's: Pond Life. 


Boundless Activated Seeds and Nuts, £2.20 per 30g, from Ocado

Get this: Boundless, a new healthy snack brand, peddle ‘activated seeds and nuts’ which are made through the use of ancient Aztec and Aborigine soaking and baking techniques. The nuts and seeds are soaked in water to remove phytic acid, making them better for digestion, and then ightly roasted. They’re good for both vegans and coeliacs and are high in protein and fibre. They currently come in three different varieties: orange, ginger and maple, tamari and Aleppo, and cayenne and rosemary.


Mumbai Street Co's goan pulled pork

Mumbai Street Co and Hungry Heroes ready meals, £1.50-1.59, from Iceland

Those smart folks over at the frozen food retailer have raced ahead of their larger competitors in the plastic-free competition with these two new ranges, which are both packaged in in paper-based trays that are 100% recyclable. Mumbai Street Co spices up the food scene with Indian street food, while Hungry Heroes aim to get children to eat their vegetables.

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