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On sale this February: Easter chocolates and Aldi's own-brand meatless burger

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

4 February 2019

Peakz, price £1.19 per 32g pack, Whole Foods

Six flavours of vegan chocolate snack brand Peakz entered London Whole Foods stores mid-January. Containing 46% less sugar then comparable products, Peakz’s crunchy squares come in plain chocolate, chocolate orange, salted caramel chocolate, mint chocolate, berry chocolate and hazelnut chocolate flavours.


Rhythm 108 mini truffle eggs, from £1.50, Sainsbury’s

With Easter fast on the way, eggs will soon be the talk of the town. And Rhythm 108, the snack and dessert brand, is wasting no time with the release of its mini truffle eggs, which are both vegan and gluten-free. They’re also made from organic ingredients, including raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, agave fibre, and hazelnuts.


Waitrose & Partners baby avocado chocolate Easter eggs, from £2 per egg

Following on from its avocado-shaped Easter egg success last year, Waitrose & Partners has announced that its ovoid treat will not only return this year but will be joined by a smaller version. The eggs are made up of a Belgian chocolate shell and stone (made with 70% cocoa) with white chocolate flesh that uses natural colouring to imitate the green fruit.


Rachel’s Organic Luscious Big Pots range, £1.99 per 450g, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Booths

Welsh organic dairy brand Rachel’s Organic has refreshed its look to highlight its organic heritage, slapping a new tagline onto packaging: “Faithful to nature since 1952.” The brand has also released a larger pot range, dubbed Luscious, in four flavours: vanilla, raspberry, rhubarb and cherry.


Tropicana Immune Support, from £1.99 per 330ml, major retailers

PepsiCo brand Tropicana are looking to take advantage of the New Year’s health wave with the release of their new Immune Support range. The range contains four flavours, which are packed full of the likes of carrot, ginger, orange and spinach, and will be part of Tropicana’s Essentials, which launched in January of last year. Three new core variants – apple, raspberry and redcurrant; apple, pear and apricot; and watermelon and starfruit – have also been released.


Noble Foods Freshlay, from £1.75 per six-pack, major retailers

A previously defunct brand of egg, Freshlay has been revived by Noble Foods, with the company promising consumers a “deep golden” yolk. Freshlay chickens are put on an enriched diet that features marigold and paprika. The brand has been lying dormant in the Noble portfolio after having been acquired in 2003.


Bol Foods plant-based dinners, from £4 per 400g, major retailers

Bol Foods has released a line of boxed chilled meals, moving away from its distinctive pot format. The quartet – Bang Bang Sweet Potato Katsu Curry, Fire Roasted Cauliflower Tikka Masala, Soulful Tomato and Lentil Ragu Linguine, and Ultimate Shepherd’less Lentil Pie – come in packaging made from 95% sugarcane offcuts and 5% plastic.


Cadbury Freddo Treasures, from 90p per pack, major retailers

It’s Cadbury vs Kinder this month with the release of the Freddo Treasures. Cadbury’s take on the mix of chocolate and children’s toy comes in a fully recyclable plastic pot shaped in like chest, with one half containing Dairy Milk Buttons and the other 17 different toys.


Real Handful Bundlz, from 60p per 20g, Sainsbury’s and Ocado

Healthy snack start-up Real Handful is set to roll out its first range for children, Bundlz – clusters of oat, cereal and raisins covered in fruit yoghurt. The two variants – strawberry and raspberry, and apple blackberry – have only 87 calories per pack and are said to have 40% less sugar when compared to similar children’s yoghurt snacks.



Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria range expansion, £6 per 500ml, major retailers

Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s has added two new variants to the lower-calorie Moo-phoria range. Sweetened with glucose syrup and dextrose, both the salted caramel brownie and the chocolate cookies and cream contain no more than 129kcal per 100ml.


Aldi meat-free quarter pounders, £2.49 per two-pack

Aldi has unveiled a vegan-orientated, meat-free burger that joins the growing ranks of ‘bleeding’ plant-based products in the UK. Made with soya protein and beetroot to mimic the traditional beef version, the new Aldi burger spent a year at the development stage, with the company eager to infuse a smoky flavour it claims is missing from comparable meat substitutes.


McCain Lighter Home Chips, £1.95 per 900g, major retailers

A reduced-fat version of McCain’s frozen Home Chips has hit retailers, with the company looking to take advantage of “the growing consumer demand for lighter versions of the nation’s traditional favourite products to add to their midweek dinners.” The new version is the result of more than three years’ development and boasts 30% less fat than the original, which lost a reported 10% in brand value last year.


The Snaffling Pig Co gammon steaks, £3.99 per two-pack, Sainsbury’s

Snack brand The Snaffling Pig Co has made its first foray into the fresh meat market with the release of two gammon steak products. Made from 100% British pork, the duo come in two initial variants: maple-glazed gammon with maple crackling, and apple and cider gammon with double-cooked crackling.


McCoy’s Muchos, £1.99 per 180g, major retailers

KP Snacks claims that the release of McCoy’s Muchos is the brand’s biggest ever piece of NPD, with three flavours of the Mexican-style tortilla snacks hitting shelves this month. With Mexican food said to be the fourth largest takeaway cuisine in the UK, KP have endeavoured to tap into the growing trend with is product, which is made from corn, wheat and potato along with a blend of six spices and kidney beans.


La Boulangère vegan baked goods, £2.50 per six-pack, Sainsbury’s

French supplier La Boulangère has released both vegan croissants and vegan pain au chocolat into Sainsbury’s, in what is said to be a supermarket first. Designed to taste as flaky and buttery as the traditional pastries, the vegan version also features shea butter instead of palm oil.


Wasabi ready meals, from £4 per meal, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s has launched a range of ready meals from Japanese restaurant chain Wasabi into a large number of stores nationwide. The five meals – sweet chilli chicken, Thai green curry, chicken katsu curry, tofu curry and chicken katsu yakisoba – are among the Japanese restaurant chain’s most popular dishes.


Heinz microwavable soup pots, from 99p per 280g, major retailers

Two core soups from Kraft Heinz’s portfolio have found their way into microwavable pots this month, with the company looking to tap into the trend for convenient meal solutions. Both cream of tomato and vegetable are now available in the new format, with the pots featuring a closable lid and aluminium foil seal for freshness.  “With 7bn microwave meals consumed each year, and with 93% of UK households owning a microwave, in-home convenience continues to increase in importance,” said a Heinz spokesperson.


Maryland sugar-free cookies, £1.39 per 230g, major retailers

Maryland has released a sugar-free version of its classic chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are sweetened by maltitol, a sugar alcohol, and are said to be 11.6% lower per 100g than the traditional version.



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Brave chocolate and salted caramel peas, £1.19 per 30g, TheVeganKind

London start-up Brave has added a chocolate and salted caramel variant to its range of roasted pea snacks, which are made with British yellow peas and single-origin dark chocolate. They’re also vegan-friendly and contain 16.6g of protein per 100g.


Genie Live Soda, £2.50 per 330ml, Farmdrop

Soft drinks start-up Genie claims it is introducing a UK first with its “live soda,” which comes in original orange flavour as well as lemon and ginger. The drinks contain Bacillus coagulens cultures that are said to promote gut health.


Walkers Trending Tastes, £0.65 per 40g, major retailers

Walkers has added two new flavours to its single and multipack selection, with the company initiating something of a brand refresh for the New Year. Spicy sriracha and BBQ pulled pork flavours are now available nationwide, with all packs featuring new, bold packaging.


Camelicious camel milk ice cream, £2.49 per 125ml, Asda

Camel milk ice cream has arrived in the UK courtesy of Middle Eastern brand Camelicious, which first started rolling out their unusual dairy line back in 2017 with the release of Camel UHT milk. Five flavours – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut – entered into the supermarket at the tail end of January.


Fox’s Double Dough, £2 per 184g, Sainsbury’s

A new sweet cookie made from two dough mixes is being launched by Fox’s Biscuits. Rather than the traditional cookie making method of “swirling” doughs together, the new cookie is made by “fusing together” two doughs to create two halves of flavours, textures and colours.


Godiva Masterpieces Biscuits, from £4 per 115g, Sainsbury’s

Luxury chocolate brand Godiva is making its UK debut in the biscuits category with the release of Masterpieces. Three premium variants – Caramel Lion (milk chocolate around caramel), Ganache Heart (dark chocolate with a ganache filling) and Hazelnut Oyster (hazelnut praline in milk chocolate) – are to hit shelves mid-February, with each pack containing 10 individually wrapped biscuits.


Lost Coast apple cider vinegar juices, from £2.49 per 330ml, Holland & Barrett

Three flavours of apple cider vinegar juice have been released into Holland & Barrett courtesy of Lost Coast, following on from similar releases from the brand into WHSmith Travel Stores, Amazon and Whole Foods.  A trio of flavours – mango, turmeric and ginger; blueberry, elderflower and lemon; strawberry, hibiscus and rose – hit shelves at the end of January and are made up of a blend of apple cider vinegar, fruit juice, sparkling water, botanicals and agave nectar.

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