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On sale this February: Ben & Jerry's cookie dough chunks and Waitrose's new gut health range

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

3 February 2020

Naked Glory Tenderstrips, from £2.75/240g, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

Chicken lovers looking to cut their meat consumption can choose Naked Glory’s Tenderstrips instead from this month.

The Kerry Foods brand has launched the chicken-inspired strips, which are made from soya, in three flavours: roast, tikka and smoky BBQ.

The range will be available across chilled and frozen and following their initial launch in Sainsbury’s and Tesco, they will be rolled into Co-op at the end of March.


Mia & Ben babyfood, £1.50 per 100g, Sainsbury’s

London start-up Mia & Ben is making its in-store debut with Sainsbury’s, rolling out a three-strong chilled range of organic baby food.

Landing in 297 stores as part of Sainsbury’s Future Brands incubator programme, Mia & Ben’s pouches will sit alongside dairy alternatives in the children’s yoghurt segment.

Unlike regular baby foods which are pasteurised, the pouches are made using high-pressure processing which means they don’t lose any vitamins and maintain “the same flavour, colour, aroma and consistency as homemade food”.


Tyrrells Nut Medleys, from £3 per 105g, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and various independents

KP Snacks is taking Tyrrells into nuts with a new duo of nut medleys.

The posh crisp brand, which KP purchased from The Hershey Company in 2018, has unveiled sea salt & ground black pepper and sweet chilli & red pepper medleys.

Both contain roasted almonds and cashews, as well as crunchy corn and fava beans, while the latter also includes pieces of red pepper.

Tyrrells has also relaunched its popcorn range: its sweet & salty popcorn has been reformulated with sea salted caramel, its sweet popcorn has been reformulated with vanilla extract from Madagascar, and its third flavour, salted, has been renamed Sea Salted although the recipe remains unchanged.


Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks, £4 per 170g, Asda

Ben & Jerry’s has launched the cookie dough chunks from its cookie dough ice cream as a standalone product in the freezer aisle.

The Unilever-owned brand said ice cream fans had been “calling out and asking us to ‘free the chunks’”, leading the brand to test the chunks in the US where they “flew off the shelves”.

The “snackable dough chunks” are the same “sticky, smooshy and instantly recognisable” recipe that is in the cookie dough ice cream.


Lizi’s Super Muesli, £4 per 400g, Waitrose

Premium cereal brand Lizi’s is extending its healthier breakfast offer by making its debut in muesli.

It has added Lizi’s Super Muesli, a four-strong range made from a mixture of toasted and untoasted oats, which it said provided “fortified functional benefits”.

The line-up is sweetened with treacle instead of honey, making it vegan, with each 100g providing 13g of sugar and 9.5g of fibre.


Marmite Peanut Butter smooth, £2.50 per 225g, Morrisons

Unilever has added a new smooth version of its Marmite Peanut Butter mash-up.

The spread – which sits alongside its crunchy counterpart – is vegetarian-friendly and contains no added sugar or palm oil. 


Hullabaloo chocolate bars, £1.50 per 30g, independent retailers and health clubs

Child-friendly snacking brand Hullabaloo has made its debut with a brace of better-for-you chocolate bars.

The variants are Oddberry, a soft raspberry nougat coated in milk chocolate, and Nutty Munch, made of peanuts, fudge and rice puffs covered in milk chocolate.

They are sweetened with chicory root fibre and erythritol to provide no more than 15g of sugar per 100g, meaning they contain “75% less sugar than traditional children’s favourites”.


Hames British Chocolate bars, from £2 per 65g, various independent retailers

Hames Chocolate is launching a collection of chocolate bars developed with the “British palate in mind”.

The four-strong range – available in milk, white, dark and 71% dark – will be manufactured at the company’s Lincolnshire factory with sustainably grown cocoa and milk from British cows. 


Nestlé Smarties Buttons, from 35p per 32.5g, Asda and other major retailers

Nestlé has unveiled a trio of Smarties Buttons in milk, white and orange-flavoured varieties.

The new variants, available in single and sharing bags, contain mini Smarties encased in chocolate and will hit Asda initially followed by all the major retailers.

Smarties brand manager Alberto Pisanello said Smarties were loved as they are but “at the same time, consumers tell us they like their favourite brands to keep things fresh with exciting innovations and new varieties to try”.


Press ready meals, £4.50 per 350g, Ocado and Press outlets

Healthy juice brand Press has made its debut in ready meals, rolling out a plant-based trio of meals for one.

Spicy Vegan Chilli is made with butternut squash, borlotti beans, black turtle beans and green lentils; Fiery Coconut Curry comprises onion, carrot, butternut and cauliflower in coconut sauce; and Mac & Greens is a blend of macaroni, butternut squash, coconut milk and kale.

With 3.3g of protein per 100g, the chilli has a ‘high in protein’ claim, while the other two variants promise to be a ‘source of fibre’ with up to 1.8g of fibre per 100g.


Thai Dragon crackers, 100g, price tbc, Aldi

World foods producer Surya Foods has launched a duo of Thai cracker packs under a new brand called Thai Dragon.

The two variants – sweet chilli prawn crackers and Thai cracker mix – will be produced at Surya’s new £2m bagged snack production facility at the company’s site in Harwich, Essex.


Premier Protein bars, £1.49 per 50g, Ocado

Premier Protein is bringing its popular protein bars to the UK after seeing strong sales in the US and across Europe.

The bars come in three variants – chocolate brownie, chocolate peanut butter and white chocolate & vanilla – with each containing 20g of protein and 1.3g of sugar.

Premier Protein, part of Active Nutrition International’s portfolio alongside PowerBar and Dymatize, will be distributed in the UK by Weetabix.


Love Your Gut range, various prices, Waitrose

Waitrose has introduced a new range aimed at customers looking to improve their overall gut health.

The Love Your Gut range was developed by nutritionists and launches with two soups: carrot, apple & turmeric soup with cider vinegar, and a multigrain soup made from chickpeas, millet, pearl barley & lentils in a tomato sauce.

Two kefir drinks – mango & passionfruit and strawberry with elderflower – will join the range from March.


Leon vegan dips, £2 per 150g, Sainsbury’s

Healthy fast food chain Leon has expanded its grocery range with a new line of vegan dips which are now available in 800 Sainsbury’s stores.

It has added a Pea-lentiful pea, puy lentil and sun-dried tomato dip, a Beetziki vegetable dip of Greek-style yoghurt, beetroot and mint, and a hummus topped with whole chickpeas and paprika.


Danone Simply Fruit and Simply Fruit & Veg yoghurts, from £1 per 145g, major retailers

Danone has launched a new range of yoghurts using only “simple” ingredients and containing no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours.

Available in single serve pots and multipacks, the range also includes a four-pack of 70g organic kids’ yoghurt pouches and a 450g natural family sharing pot, with all packaging 100% recyclable.

Danone launched the range after research revealed modern families were suffering from food label ‘fatigue’ and were tired of purchasing products with too many listed ingredients.


Good Catch tuna alternative, £2.50 per 94g, Tesco

US plant-based tuna alternative Good Catch has landed on UK shores.

The brand, developed by Wicked Kitchen founders Derek and Chad Sarno and plant-based food investor Chris Kerr, is pitched as an alternative to premium albacore tuna.

Available in the canned fish aisle, it is made from a blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans with seaweed, and resembles the flaky texture of tuna. It also contains algae extracts to give it “a flavour of the ocean”, is fortified with omega-3, and is available in pouches in ‘naked in water’, oil & herbs and Mediterranean variants.


Kit Kat Gold, 85p per 45g, Co-op and Nisa

Nestlé is bringing its Kat Gold bar to the UK following success in Australia.

The four-finger Kit Kat is made up of the brand’s trademark crispy wafer on a milk chocolate base, topped with white chocolate flavoured with “sweet caramel notes”.


WK Kellogg by Kids, £2.99 per 350g, Morrisons, Tesco and Asda

Kellogg’s has launched WK Kellogg by Kids – its first no-added sugar cereal for children.

Available in two flavours – strawberry, apple & carrot, and blueberry, apple & beetroot – it consists of a mixture of “fun shapes” that are coloured and flavoured using fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and powders, while being free of artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.

The cereals are also billed as high in fibre (16g per 100g) and vegan-friendly.


Flamin’ Hot Tangy Cheese Doritos, from £1 per 70g, major supermarkets and convenience retailers

PepsiCo is tapping into demand for spicy flavours by adding Flamin’ Hot Tangy Cheese to its Doritos tortilla chips line-up.

The NPD follows “the successful launch” of Doritos Flame Grilled Steak last year.


Wotsits Sizzling Steak and Flamin’ Hot, from £1 per 50g, major retailers

Wotsits has resurrected two discontinued flavours: Sizzling Steak (a take on the discontinued BBQ Beef flavour), and Flamin’ Hot.

Both are launching in grab-bags, sharing bags and multipack formats.


Maltesers Biscuits, £1.49 per 110g, Asda

Maltesers is making its debut in the biscuit aisle.

Maltesers Biscuits are comprised of three “malty bobbles” per biscuit, filled with “crisp honeycomb pieces” and coated in milk chocolate, with a “unique snap and crunch eating sensation”, according to owner Mars.

They are being manufactured for Mars by Burton’s Biscuit Company, which has worked with the chocolate giant on previous biscuit launches such as Galaxy, Mars and Bounty Soft Centres.


Mummy Meagz Chuckie Egg, 99p per 40g, Holland & Barrett

A vegan version of the classic creme egg has come to UK high streets after being listed in Holland & Barrett.

The Chuckie Egg, from vegan confectioner Mummy Meagz, was created six years ago by founder Meagan Boyle, who began selling them at her Blondes coffee shop in Cottingham, East Yorkshire.

Boyle said: “The eggs have grown a huge following simply from being sold in my shop. I know they’ll become the next big vegan craze for Easter.”


The Gym Kitchen ready meals, £3.25 per 400g, Asda

Four chilled ready meals under health and fitness food and drink brand The Gym Kitchen have hit the fridges at Asda.

The new range comprises piri piri chicken, Korean beef chilli, harissa chicken and chicken tikka, and promises ready meals which are “freshly made, macro-balanced [and] high in protein”.

The Gym Kitchen is the latest brand to emerge from Black Farmer founder Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones’s incubator scheme, The Hatchery.


Magnum Ruby, from £2 per 90ml, major retailers

Magnum has become the first major ice cream brand to launch a ruby chocolate variant.

Magnum Ruby has been launched approximately three years after the chocolate – which is naturally pink in colour – was discovered by Barry Callebaut.

The new Magnum consists of white chocolate ice cream with a raspberry swirl, encased in ruby chocolate.


Doisy & Dam Ballers, Buttons and D&Ds, £1.35 per 30g, Holland & Barrett

Premium chocolate maker Doisy & Dam has unveiled a range of healthier alternatives to classic chocolate treats.

Exclusively available in 790 Holland & Barrett stores, Ballers, Buttons and D&Ds are made with 70% cocoa dark chocolate, making them “at least 30% lower in sugar than the market leading product”, and are vegan and free from palm oil.

Ballers are Malteser-style malted balls covered in single-origin Colombian chocolate, Buttons are a homage to Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, and the brightly coloured D&Ds are sugar-coated chocolate beans that resemble M&M’s.


Mackie’s Haggis, Neeps & Tatties crisps, 150g, price tbc, Aldi, Sainbury’s, Lidl, Scotmid and B&M

Scottish food brand Mackie’s has added a new “world’s first” Haggis, Neeps & Tatties flavour to its crisps range.

The company said its new flavour was “deeply reminiscent” of the famous meal and had a “light, peppery flavour”. 

The crisps are made with “entirely natural flavourings and high oleic sunflower oil”, and are vegan-friendly.

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