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On sale this August: smoothie bowls, chocolate spreads and plant-based pizza bases

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

1 August 2018
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Tetley Cold Infusions, from £7.99 per starter kit, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons

An old-fashioned cuppa gets the ball rolling this month – though it’s hardly passé. The UK’s largest tea company, Tetley, has released its Cold Infusions line, with starter packs coming with 12 bags and reusable plastic bottle. Designed to be a cold brew for the sweltering summer heat we’re experiencing, Tetley Cold Infusions come in four different flavours: raspberry and cranberry; passionfruit and mango; orange and peach; and mint, lemon and cucumber. Refill packs start at £2.49 for 12 bags.


Dolmio Veggie Goodness range, from £1.99 per 340g, all major retailers

In a bid to make ‘Dolmio days’ even more regular, the Italian sauce guys have released a Veggie Goodness range of cooking sauces. Each two-serving pouch boasts two of one’s five a day in every serving. The four variants are sun-ripened tomato, courgette and basil; sun-ripened tomato, sweet pepper and chilli; sun-ripened tomato, lentil and garlic; and smooth tomato and hidden vegetables.


Halo Top dairy-free tubs, from £5 per 473ml, Tesco

Low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top has released a selection of its dairy-free range in the UK. Arriving at Tesco from the start of August (and in Ocado from September), the tubs – which contain just 320 calories – come in three flavours: toasted coconut, peanut butter cup and sea salt caramel. It marks the latest expansion into the British market by the American company, which released three additional flavours earlier in July: birthday cake, red velvet and oatmeal cookie (RSP £5/473ml).


Jordans Grin-ola, from £2.99 per 400g, all major retailers

Cereal brand Jordans is rolling out its first range for children. The four variants – strawberry, chocolate, banana, and apple and raspberry – have been “specially crafted for kids” aged 5 to 11 and contain no more than 13.2g of sugar, as well as between 7.3g and 7.7g of fibre per 100g.


Green & Black’s single bars, from 89p per 37g, all major retailers

Luxury chocolate purveyors Green & Black’s are selling single bars of premium chocolate for the first time in their 27-year history. In a move to attract impulse buyers, Green & Black’s will be rolling out two different bars, one praline-based and the other truffle.


Kellogg Joyböl, from £2.49 per 60g, all major retailers

Kellogg have unveiled what it claims to be “the world’s first packaged smoothie bowl without the need for refrigeration.” The pots, which just need water, roll out early this month and come in three varieties: strawberry almond quinoa crunch with granola clusters, mango coconut chia with black rice and pecans, and superberries with acai and granola clusters.


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Eat 17 Chinese bacon jam, from £3.99 per pot

One for the adventurous, Eat 17 is adding a Chinese version to its range of bacon jams. Chinese five spice, soy sauce and sesame oil have been blended with the brand’s original recipe for “complex salty, sweet and aromatic tastes.” Primed as a burger relish or dipping sauce, the Chinese bacon jam joins the existing roster of original, chorizo jam, chilli and bacon jam, and onion jam.


Sharwood’s Noodle & Sauce Pots, from £1.49 per 70g, all major retailers

In a move to “drive value in the authentic noodle pots segment,” Premier Foods is to release a range of noodle and sauce pots in three varieties. The trio – chicken chow mein, sweet chilli chicken, and sweet and sour – are rolling out this week and are the latest result of the tie-up with Japan’s Nissin Foods.


Pot Rice, from £1.39 per 79g, all major retailers

In a throwback to the 1990s, Unilever UK has announced the return of Pot Rice. The brand, which hasn’t been seen in 15 years, is a sister product to the more well-known Pot Noodle range and will come in three versions: vegetable curry, chicken teriyaki and chicken risotto.


Arla Ihana, from 80p per 150g, Asda

Arla has brought its trendy Finnish brand of sorbet-style yoghurts to the UK this month with three flavours: pink lemonade, papaya and lime, and blackcurrant, lemon and mint. The Ihana range – which means ‘wonderful’ in Finnish – is lactose free and could be the beginning of a whole new roster of products from Arla, which has a number of other flavours in different international markets.


Calbee Rustiks, from £1.50 per 113g, from Tesco

Japanese snacking brand Calbee is releasing Rustiks, an indulgent potato snack, into Tesco. The UK version of the popular US munch Whole Cuts, Rustiks are available to consumers in lightly salted and salt and vinegar iterations. Calbee has also added to its Yushoi range with two new flavours: fire-roasted chipotle, and caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar.


Magioni plant-based pizza bases, from £3.29 per 360g, from Waitrose

Amsterdam-based pizza company Magioni has released two varieties of plant-based pizza bases into Waitrose. The Dutch brand, which sells 13,000 pizzas a day in the Netherlands, is now represented in the UK by its courgette and cauliflower pizza bases, with topped pizzas arriving in September.


Hobnob Thins, from £1.79 per 170g, all major retailers

Mcvitie’s has unveiled a Thins version of the classic Hobnob brand, as well as two “choc-filled” SKUs to the existing range of Digestive Thins. Aimed at younger shoppers, the two new Digestive Thins come in milk chocolate and double chocolate varieties. All three products are now available nationwide.


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Take a more detailed look at one of this month’s releases:

Krave biltong snacks, from £1.99 per 28g


The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. Puds, from £1.50 per pot, Asda

Two crumble-inspired Puds have arrived in Asda courtesy of The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co. The duo – toffee apple crumble, and rhubarb and ginger crumble – went on sale at the end of July and have been devised to expand the appeal of the Yorkshire pudding away from just Sunday roasts. Asda said the puds were “unlike anything seen in the chilled desserts fixture before.”


The Spice Tailor spice paste, from £2.49 per 170g, all major retailers

The Spice Tailor, the brainchild of celebrity chef Anjum Anand, is to release a range of sauce kits that are a “simple and quick alternative to a marinade.” Created for “any protein or vegetable,” the four-strong line-up is made up of classic tandoori, creamy tandoori, spicy tandoori and herby tandoori, with convenience very much the word here.


Loyd Grossman meal kits, from £2.79 per 300g, all major retailers

Premier Foods is taking one of its best-known brands into the realm of meal kits, with a focus on risotto. A trio of Loyd Grossman meal kits are hoping to tempt consumers: creamy mushroom and white wine, butternut squash and sage, and tomato, ricotta and red chilli.


Gü chocolate spreads, from £2.50 per 200g, Tesco

Look out, Nutella! Luxury dessert company Gü is taking its first steps into the chocolate spread arena, with three varieties arriving in Tesco after a successful debut in Waitrose in June. Spreads have enjoyed a 4% value and volume growth over the past year, with Gü’s opening trio – chocolate and salted caramel, hazelnut chocolate, and hazelnut and chocolate crunchy – available online and in stores nationwide.


Heinz Eat Well, from £1.19 per 400g, all major retailers

Kraft Heinz has unleashed four healthy soups in yet another attempt to revive the category. The multinational’s “balanced soups made from wholesome ingredients” include tomato, spinach and lentil; tomato and cannellini beans; chicken, vegetable and quinoa; and butternut squash and chickpea.


Skittles Chewies and Starburst Minis, from 49p per 45g, all major retailers

One for the sweets lovers. Skittles are to be released without their shells as Skittles Chewies, while Starburst sheds the wrappers as Starburst Minis. Arriving mid-August across the country, the duo mark the company’s “first true texture innovation in 18 years.”

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