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On sale this August: lamb crackling and fibre-filled snacks

All the new launches you need to know about this month.

7 August 2019

Wilding lamb crackling, from £1.89 per 28g, major retailers

A lamb crackling snack duo has been released by the start-up Wilding, with the company claiming the range is a UK first for the bagged snack category.

Made from British lamb, the range is comprised of two flavours – mint and Moroccan spices – and is inspired by arrosticini, a grilled lamb dish from the southern Italian region of Abruzzo.

The company launched in 2016 with the release of Peking Duck crackling, of which there are now three variants.


Princes Mackerel Sizzle

Princes premium canned fish, from 90p per can, major retailers

With the canned fish market very much on the rise both in the UK and abroad, Princes has rolled out a duo of premium canned fish ranges – a move that follows the company’s £5m relaunch earlier this year.

The Infused Tuna Fillets range is hand-packed in either olive oil or chilli oil. The Mackerel Sizzle range, meanwhile, is made up of skinless and boneless fillets in three flavoured variants: zesty lime and chilli, rich tomato and herbs, and smoky chilli and tomato.


The Food Doctor Super Snacks, £3 per 120g, Tesco

A four-strong range of fibrous, healthy snacks have entered into Tesco courtesy of The Food Doctor, William Jackson Food Group’s ‘positive nutrition’ brand.

The quartet – Mexican chilli bean mix, masala and sweet chilli mix, rosemary and sea salt mix, and chilli, coriander and harissa mix – contains between 10.4g to 13.g of fibre per 100g, including ingredients like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and chickpeas.


Oven Baked expansion, from 70p per 35g, major retailers

Walkers have added two new vegetable-based crisps to their healthier Oven Baked sub-brand.  

The duo – beetroot and sweet chilli, and sweet potato and paprika – made with wheat, potato and vegetables, are said to contain 40% less fat than regular vegetable crisps and “pack a spicy punch.”


Bisto gravy pots, from £2.49 per four (100g), Asda

Premier Foods has unleashed a microwavable Bisto gravy pot which is said to be a first-of-its-kind format for the category.

Coming in regular and 25% less salt versions, the individual pots are said to take one minute to heat, with Premier Foods dubbing the release “a simple solution to shoppers seeking greater convenience.”

The gravy pots are now available in Asda and will roll out across other major retailers over the coming year.


Chocomel, £1.65 per 250ml, wholesale and convenience retailers

Dutch chocolate milk brand Chocomel has hit the UK, with owner FrieslandCampina looking to tap into the growing impulse market for on-the-go snacking.

Chocomel is a firm favourite in its native Holland, where it has been enjoyed for 80 years – in fact, the company claims that eight cups are drunk every second in the European country.

There are rumours that the release could be the first of many from FrieslandCampina in the UK.


Aero Bliss single format, from 85p per three-pack, major retailers

Following on from its release back in April, Aero Bliss is now available in single packs of three individually wrapped pieces.

Ellie Tyler, Aero brand manager at Nestlé UK, said: “Our Aero Bliss Milk Chocolate Single variant offers a lighter textured form of indulgence in comparison to other premium chocolate bars on the market.


Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% less sugar, from 65p per 35g, major retailers

A reduced sugar variant of Cadbury Dairy Milk has been launched by Mondelez following three years of R&D.

The new chocolate, which contains soluble maize fibre for replacement sweetness, contains 37g of sugar per 100g compared to the 56g found in the original. The calorie content and saturated fats are 5% and 6% lower per 100g respectively.



Biscoff & Go, from £1, convenience retailers

A new, Dairylea Dunkers-style dip pack has been released by Lotus Biscoff that features Biscoff’s spread and breadsticks.

The company claims that it offers “a more convenient, portable format” for on-the-go snacking, with the product suitable for both vegans and those with lactose intolerance.


Florette microwavable salad bags, £1.99 per 170g, Spar

Florette has made its first move into the cookable prepared veg category with the launch of microwavable green beans.

The pouch, which contains washed and trimmed green beans with garlic and herb butter, has a steam valve on the front “to ensure perfectly cooked beans every time,” with the product said to be ready to eat after three minutes in the microwave.


Heck chicken and pork sausage twin pack, £4 per 800g, Asda

Heck has secured a month-long listing with Asda for its chicken-pork sausage twin pack.

The product, which Heck has called a first of its kind for the mults, contains 400g of its Chicken Italia sausage line and 400g of its traditional pork sausages.

Heck are in discussions with Asda about making the product a permanent edition in stores beyond August.


Nooro range expansion, from £2.95 per 45g, major retailers

Nooro has added two new bars to its CBD snack bar range, as the company continues to fire for consumer demand for functional snack options.

The duo – banana and cinnamon, and coconut and cacao – are both vegan friendly and contain theanine, an amino acid which the brand says “helps to prevent the brain from producing an anxious response to stressful situations.”


The Collective Puds, from 75p per 100g, Waitrose and Ocado

The Collective has unleashed a new range of children’s yoghurt pouches dubbed Puds, which are marketed as a low-sugar snacking option.

Available in two flavours – chocolate and vanilla – both contain whole milk and live cultures.


Arla Explorers, from £1.50 per three 90g pots, Tesco

Arla is taking on the children’s yoghurt heavyweights with the release of the new Explorers range.

Made using natural ingredients, including real fruit, those in the range – which include a no-added sugar Swirl pot, a reduced sugar Bubble pot and a no-added sugar Squeeze pouch – are said to contain at least 30% less sugar than a standard flavoured yoghurt.

The range will first launch in Tesco, with other major retailers joining the adventure later in the year.


Kinder chilled expansion, prices vary, major retailers

Two new Kinder products are rolling out across the country as Ferrero makes its debut in the UK kids’ chilled snack category, following the consolidation of its chilled products abroad.

The Kinder Milk-Slice is made up of a milky filling between two thin layers of sponge and a drop of honey, while the Kinder Pingui has a milky filling with two thin layers of cocoa sponge and is covered in chocolate

Kinder Milk-Slice and Kinder Pingui, which have first been released into Asda, are available in either single-serve or five-packs.


Aunt Bessie’s and Birds Eye roast dinners, from £2.50 per 400g, Tesco

A collaboration duo of roast dinner ready meals is to hit Tesco this summer from the minds of Aunt Bessie’s and Birds Eye.

Birds Eye will provide the meat, peas and carrots for both the chicken and the beef roast dinners, with Aunt Bessie’s supplying its mini roasties. The beef will feature Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding, while the chicken dinner will contain its sage and onion stuffing.

The Aunt Bessie’s brand was sold to Birds Eye owner, Wayne Hudson, for £210m in June of last year.

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