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New NPD spells new direction for Noisy Nuts

The snacking brand has left beer-pairing behind to focus on healthier options for a range of lifestyles.

19 November 2019
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Noisy Nuts are, like their name suggests, starting to make a bit of a racket in the snacking category. Launching in 2018, the Northern Ireland-based start-up began life with a range of roasted peanuts designed to be paired with craft beer. An ‘artisan peanut kit’ brand, if you will, with sachets of oils and seasonings included in their tubs for consumers to ‘noisily’ mix themselves.

One year on and the beer pairing focus has gone, with Noisy Nuts now aiming to become a mass brand suitable for every occasion. To facilitate this, they’re releasing a raft of new NPD that aligns more with the healthy snacking boom, starting with Noisy Corn and Noisy Bean Chips at the end of November, with Noisy Chickpeas to follow in 2020.

They’re also set to launch their snacks in a range of new formats, including 45g fridge packs and 100g pouch packs.

“As an innovative start-up brand, we’re always looking ahead,” Noisy Nuts founder Noel Allen tells Food Spark. “Thinking how to out-think our competitors, because we can’t outspend them.

“I can see our pouches being our brand champion products across the market. I can see us starting to roll them out, like a domino effect, and we go from nowhere to everywhere.”

Going beyond the nut

Noel and the Noisy Nuts team have looked closely at their focus on nuts over the past year, with consumer allergies potentially stemming growth for the start-up in some areas, such as airlines and in kids snacking.

Diversifying their snack offerings is the direction they’ve gone for, with broad beans, chickpeas and corn the three chosen routes.

“We’ve been working with Greenyard Fresh UK for almost twelve months now on making sure there’s a bigger picture for the brand, the product range and in terms of understanding what consumers are looking for,” continues Allen.

“We decided to create this new range that catered to different customer needs.

“Broad beans are high in protein and fibre. Chickpeas are also high in protein and are already well known as being healthy and generally better for you. And the corn, as well as being healthier, just tasted so good we had to go with it!”

Allen says that there is a general lack of innovation in savoury snacks with the category dominated by KP and Graze.

But with their USP of using all five senses (noise being one), as well as their adventurous flavour combinations; Noisy Nuts are looking to be a change from the norm.

“We have black pepper and berry chickpeas. We have hot chicken wings, red curry and coconut corn. We’re a healthier brand, but we never want to be a health brand. People know chickpeas and beans are healthier, they don’t need to be constantly told that. That’s our target market.

“We started out with peanuts, but we’ve progressed so much we’re basically “Noisy Snacks” now.”

A custom future

Noisy Nuts has come a long way in a short space of time. Plenty of big-name brands are starting to look seriously at the craft beer-paired snack sub-category, but Allen and his team have not only left it behind in search of a more widespread audience, they’re also looking at almost futuristic snack convenience possibilities.

“We want to create a system of customisation that’s delivery based,” says Allen.

“The noisy tubs are an experience as well as a snack. People love things that are different. And next year, we’re looking to develop an online, direct to consumer platform. A completely personalised snacking app for a person, delivered to their home.

“We have a unique patent in terms of how you get and use the ingredients for Noisy Nuts. In a tub, for example, you get the main component – say, your nuts, or chickpeas - a 2ml sachet of olive oil and a 5g of seasoning (which we give more of than any other snack company).

“We want to take it further and let customers choose which oil they get. That could be things like CBD oil, botanical oil or rapeseed oil. And it’s the same with the seasoning. Are you looking for high protein, are you a vegan, have you got any allergies?

“Personalisation is hard in food, but we have a vision of it for Noisy Nuts. And it’s a great way for us to collect data for new NPD.”

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